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What is the City doing to improve air quality?

  • replaced inefficient City vehicles with 8 hybrid-electric options
  • invested in a waterless street sweeper that is certified by the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1186 PM-10 Efficient
  • undertaken a pilot whereby all arena ice re-surfacers and two mowers were retrofitted with catalytic converters
  • adopted greenhouse gas reduction targets and action plans through the Partners for Climate Protection program
  • developed Sustainable Neighbourhood development guidelines for all new development in south Pickering, and Sustainable Place-Making Guidelines specifically for Seaton; this includes ensuring new developments are designed for enhanced pedestrian connections and accessibility
  • a woman talking to a manparticipated in numerous events and programs, such as Clean Air Commute, Bike to Work Day and Smart Commute Durham
  • established carpool program for staff
  • developing an Urban Forest Strategy based on study results
  • adopted an Idling of Vehicles By-law (6297/04)
  • member of the GTA Clean Air Council