Steel Panist Trenyce Sweeney

Presented by Pickering Carib Canadian Cultural Association.
Trenyce Sweeney is 16 year old and has been playing the steel pan since the age of 3 years old. Skilled in playing a wide variety of songs and genres, Trenyce can play music to suit all ages. The steel pan is a big part of her culture and she aspires to share her love of music, by becoming a Music Teacher one day, so she may teach other kids, the joy of music.

President's Choice SuperDogs show 

Presented by City of Pickering Animals Services.
The President's Choice SuperDogs celebrate their home and native land in this heart-warming home-edition virtual show, CanaDogs! Join them as SuperDogs from across the country race against time on their own version of the Trans-Canada Highway, show off their amazing skills in CanaDogs Got Talent, play a special game of Trivial Pursuit, and more!

"Canada Day" by The Count of Monte Cristo

"This is My Canada"

Dream Team Canada Singers, winners of 6 Grammy and 13 Juno awards perform the national song called This Is My Canada / Mon cher Canada. All Words & Music by Jeanette Arsenault / Song and Music Video Produced and Arranged by Don Coleman.

The Sattalites

The Sattalites are a Canadian reggae group founded in 1980 by Jo Jo Bennett and Fergus Hambleton. Starting as a music school teaching reggae, jazz, and pop on Eglinton Avenue, the band originally featured the students playing the music they had learned. Sattalites  quickly became professional, winning two Juno awards for their contribution to the Canadian music scene. Celebrate Canada Day with a sneak peak of their live acoustic concert! Join the Sattalites featuring Wood & Water, Thursday, July 30 at 7:00 PM on Facebook to view the full Exclusive Summer Concert Premiere!

Tamil Dance Videos

Durham Tamil Association wishes that we could be together for Canada Day, enjoy your celebration with us at home!

DTA Parai Drum

DTA Peacock and Snake Dance


Fuh Fun 

Fuh Fun is one of Toronto's most popular and well respected Canadian Caribbean bands. Play anything from Pop, Reggae, Soca,Calypso, Latin, and Funk, get ready to dance with Fuh Fun's Caribbean sounds, in honour of Canada's birthday! 

Jess & Tay 

Together, Canadian singer/songwriting duo, Jessie Bower and Taylor Adams, are the voices behind the sweet yet rich harmonies of Jess and Tay. Launching into the Canadian country music scene with their big stage debut as finalists in the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase in 2016, they have created quite the buzz. Enjoy their Canada Day special feature! 

Andy Earle & The Bandits

From right here in Durham, check out these Blues sounds featuring: Andy Earle, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Gary (cass) Cassagnol, Bass & Back-Up Vocal,  Johnny Meydam, Drums & Back-Up Vocal and Bobby Mitchell, Sax & Back-Up Vocal. Check out this smooth Canada Day performance now! You can see the full Andy Earle & The Bandits Summer Concert Premiere Thursday, August 6 on City of Pickering Great Events, Facebook.

Bing Serrao and The Ramblers

The story of the Ramblers goes back to around 1950 in Georgetown, British Guyana. In 1953, the Serrão brothers formally started the band with several friends. Bing Serrão and The Ramblers brought their music from Guyana to Toronto in 1964 becoming a regular act at the Jamaican Latin Quarter Club in  downtown Toronto, now the site of the Eaton Centre. It was here, every Friday and Saturday night, that the group played,to capacity audiences. After close to 70 years, the Ramblers are pure gold, Guyana gold, playing to multiple generations and producing albums at their own Serrão Digital Music recording studio in Toronto, Ontario.