Valley Plentiful Community Garden has a team of 95 gardeners, an impressive stretch from its meagre beginnings of only 8. There were 6 fruit trees planted in the garden during Pickering's Bicentennial year, a reflection of what would have been available to settlers 200 years ago.

Garden beds are rented to residents on a yearly basis, where they can grow food and/or flowers for themselves and their families.  A few of the beds are planted for the food bank by a team of dedicated volunteers.

The Community Garden is located at the north end of Diana Princess of Wales Park (behind the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex) at Kingston Road east of Valley Farm Road.

The community garden is very popular among Pickering residents and was expanded in 2016 to accommodate a total of 103 plots.



After approved gardeners have received their plots, an annual membership fee of $20 is required to cover the cost of fertilizer and an assortment of seeds (in addition to this, gardeners can purchase their own seeds/grow their own produce).

Gardeners will receive a planting schedule, and can maintain their plots any time during day light hours. It is recommended gardeners tends to their plots at least once a week.

For further information on how to support your local community food production and food security through resource sharing, mentoring, education, partnerships, and more, please visit the Durham Integrated Growers website.

Gardener harvesting vegetables at Valley Plentiful Community Garden