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Take Action on Energy

Energy Actions and the Savings
We've compiled a list of simple actions that you can do to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and calculated what your approximate savings will be.

Ontario Power Authority's Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program
Through this program, businesses and homeowners have the ability to generate renewable energy through solar PV, wind, waterpower, and bioenergy; feed the generated energy back into the electrical grid; and get financially reimbursed.

Heating & Cooling Incentive
This Ontario Power Authority program encourages people to replace their inefficient heating and cooling systems with Energy Star qualified units.

Car Heaven, Switch the Stat, Switch Out 
Great programs to help you reduce energy and protect the environment.

Peaksaver Program
Veridian Connections offers homeowners a $25 incentive if they sign up to have Veridian temporarily power down air conditioners during peak energy use periods.

Power Saving Blitz
Become energy efficient for little or no cost. By participating in the Power Savings Blitz, your company could be eligible for up to $1,000 in free lighting and electric water heater retrofits. The Power Savings Blitz program is being offered to small business customers with participating distribution companies and whose average monthly demand consumption of less than 50KW.

Get involved with Durham Parters in Project Green
Set up a business profile and taking advantage of the great program opportunities. This program builds strong relationships with the business community, while providing tools and resources that will enable companies to improve their productivity and increase their margins.

ecoENERGY for Personal Vehicles
Do you own a personal vehicle? Learn how to save money, use less fuel, and protect the environment on this website.

Green Audit for Places of Worship
Book an audit with Greening Sacred Spaces. The audit will cover topics such as air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, daily operations and maintenance. You will then receive a comprehensive report on the findings, including recommendations on how to improve any issues and reference materials.  

Ajax Pickering Board of Trade members can be Eco-Businesses
Businesses can use the Eco-Checklist to evaluate their role in doing all they can to sustain a cleaner environment. Download and compare your business practices to the Eco-Checklist.

Pickering's Eco Kids

Activities about Energy Conservation

Government of Canada: Energy Efficiency Kids' Club
Printable activities, online quizzes, art contests, and more--all about saving energy

Ontario Power Authority: Kids' Corner
Quizzes, online activities, information on electricity production, and even a "Horton Hears a Who" printable activity book!

Pickering's Eco Kids Free Colouring Sheets