Fireworks, although fun and enjoyable, can pose a significant danger when used irresponsibly.  Fireworks By-law 6783/07 is in place to ensure the responsible use of fireworks to protect the public and property from avoidable accidents.

What you should know?

  • Setting fireworks off on City property is prohibited. Fireworks are only permitted on private property during statutory holidays, and on the long weekends including statutory holidays. Pickering Fire is reminding you to carefully follow directions on fireworks and remember to always keep a pail of water or hose close by!
  • Fireworks can be dangerous. Only light one firework at a time when flat on the ground – never light a firework in your hand or re-light duds! Pickering Fire
  • Pickering Fire is reminding residents to carefully follow the directions on fireworks. And remember, always keep a pail of water or hose close by!
  • Are your pets scared of fireworks? Here are some tips:
    • Stay indoors (close windows and doors)
    • Turn on the radio/TV
    • Place blankets over crates to muffle loud noise
    • Play with them to tire them out
    • Distract your pet with new toys or treats

Any concerns related to fireworks should be directed to our City's Customer Care Centre. Outside of their operating hours, please contact the Durham Regional Police Service at 1.888.579.1520.