All swimming pool enclosure requirements are outlined under the City's Fence By-law 6943/09.

The construction of a swimming pool enclosure requires a permit. Above ground pools are subject to setback requirements under the City's zoning by-laws.

Swimming pool enclosures must be secured when a responsible person is not present to supervise use of the swimming pool.

What you should know?

Please have the following information completed when you come in to apply for a pool enclosure permit:

  • fencing details as per the attached sketch and the attached City of Pickering Fence By-law 6943/09
  • sketch showing the proposed pool location, enclosure location, gate location and exits from the dwelling into the enclosure area. See our Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit page for a sample sketch
  • if construction of the pool will affect your neighbour's property, such as damaging sod with heavy equipment, removal of existing fencing between the 2 properties, etc, you will be required to provide the City with a signed permission letter from your neighbour prior to construction and a signed acceptance letter once all the work is completed.  A sample letter is included on our Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit page
  • be aware that your permit approval may be delayed should additional approvals from other agencies be required (TRCA, CLOCA, Region of Durham, Hydro One, etc). A copy of their approval or permit is required to be provided to the City before your enclosure permit can be approved
  • if replacing your existing enclosure, a permit is required
  • a minimum $1,000 refundable damage deposit will be required when you come in to apply for a Pool Enclosure Permit. (Additional cost if access is from park, open space, etc.)

Use the following guide to assist you in compiling the information and drawings required to obtain a Pool Enclosure Permit:

Important Construction Requirements

3 sides of the enclosure must be installed prior to excavation for an in ground pool. The 4th side is then to be fenced off with a temporary fence for the duration of construction.

  • no material is to be stored on the travelled portion of the road
  • sidewalk must be kept clear and accessible at all times
  • road to be cleaned at the end of each working day prior to leaving the site
  • no construction machinery may be operated before 7:00 am or after 7:00 pm, or at any time on Sunday. See Noise By-Law 6834/08 for more information

Call Before You Dig

The below utilities provide free locate services and must be contacted prior to any excavation. Failure to do so can have serious consequences if services are disrupted. If any underground service is disrupted during the work the utility company must be contacted directly.

Contact Ontario One Call at 1.800.400.2255 for locate services for the following utilities:

  • Bell Canada
  • Enbridge Gas
  • Veridian Connections (Hydro)
  • City of Pickering (Streetlights & Walkway Lighting)
  • Region of Durham (Sewer & Water)
  • Rogers Cable

Inspection Checklist

Please call our Engineering Services Department at 905.420.4624 to schedule an inspection prior to filling pool when fence and restoration is complete.

  • inground pools should be 1.0 m from the waterline of the pool to the fence
  • fence height minimum 1.2 m, maximum 2.0 m
  • chain link must have a tension wire at the bottom or a proper horizontal cross pipe to ensure bottom of fence cannot be lifted
  • chain link mesh should be 38 mm mesh unless using an existing public fence as part of the enclosure
  • gaps between boards and bottom of fence should be no more than 100 mm
  • gates should be self-closing and latching and locked when area not supervised
  • horizontal supports on a wooden fence must be a minimum of 1.2 m apart or should be covered by boards no more than 38 mm apart on the exterior side to prevent climbing

Above Ground Pools

  • above ground pools should be setback 1.0 m from property lines, as they are considered an accessory structure
  • above ground pools with exterior walls 1.2 m high or more, with no buttresses or side supports may be considered part of the enclosure. In this case, the access area may be fenced off on its own or a removable ladder may be used. No pumps, landscaping features, etc., may be adjacent to aid in climbing
  • above ground inflatable pools may be secured with the appropriate tie-down cover supplied by the manufacturer provided it is in place whenever not in use and all clips/snaps are in place to ensure no unauthorized access