Proposed Leash Free Area at Dunmoore Park

Location Map: Dunmoore ParkAs part of the City of Pickering’s review of current parks and open spaces, Dunmoore Park has been selected as a potential park to have a space converted into a Leash Free Area.

Dunmoore Park is currently comprised of 3 baseball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer field and a children’s playground.

The small baseball diamond currently located at the southeast end of the park is the site proposed to be converted into a leash free area (see concept plan image below).

As part of the City of Pickering’s Public Consultation Process, an online survey was created and available to the public from October 21 until November 11. Responses from the survey will help guide the City’s next steps.

Results of the survey are currently being compiled however over 342 people completed the survey and 90% of respondents were in favour of the leash free park.  When available, full results will be posted.

Requirements for the proposed Leash Free Area

  • Fully fenced with a corral area for dogs to safely enter and exit
  • Signage located along the perimeter of the leash free area outlining specific area rules
  • Garbage cans will be available to dispose of dog waste

Concept Plan for the Proposed Leash Free Area

Presentation Drawing: Dunmoore Park

View of the Proposed Leash Free Area

Grassy area at Dunmoore Park


Animal related questions and concerns may be directed to
Park related questions may be directed to


Grand Valley Park Leash Free Areas

Enjoy some leash free play time with your dog in Pickering's Grand Valley Park. There are 2 designated leash free areas within the park:

  1. The main leash free area is the gated and fenced area located west of the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. This is the primary area used by visitors to the park. It is important that you leash your dog when walking to this area. Once inside the leash free area, you may unleash your dog.
  2. The smaller leash free area is for those with mobility issues or for those with small dogs. This is the gated and fenced area adjacent and close to the parking lot as some users may have difficulty accessing the main off-leash area at the bottom of the hill.


Grand Valley Park is located on the Third Concession, west of Valley Farm Road also known as the South Trail Head for Seaton Hiking Trail.

View Location Map

View the Leash Free Area Pamphlet

Dog Waste Diversion

Residents can use biodegradable bags provided by the City when stooping & scooping in the pet-friendly areas. Pickering's Dog Waste Diversion program is available 13 locations.

Contact our Customer Care Centre for more information.


Photo Gallery: Leash Free will appear here on the public site.


Leash Free Area Rules

Your cooperation is required

  • Up to date licensing of your dog is a requirement to use the leash free area. All dogs should also be wearing their licence tag.
  • A maximum of 3 dogs per owner/handler are permitted in the park both in leashed and leash free areas.
  • An owner/handler, aged 16 or older, must be present and supervising their dog(s) at all times and must be solely responsible for the actions of their dog(s).
  • Owners and dogs must comply with the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law whether on or off leash.
  • Attach your dog's leash before letting your dog out of the car. It is also far better to have your dog settled and under control before removing your dog from the vehicle.
  • Take your time getting your dog into the dog park. Moving vehicles and excited dogs do not mix!
  • A dog waste diversion station has been provided adjacent to the parking area. This is one of the most important things you can use to ensure the ongoing success of this park.
  •  Please do not bring small children inside the leash free area. Dogs that are running fast in a chasing game can accidentally run into your child. Some dogs may also have strong prey drives or may not be socialized to small children.
  • At the first sign of aggression, please remove your dog from the leash free area.  It is inappropriate for your dog to body-slam, mouth/nip and jump or mount people or dogs while in the park. These behaviours can initiate a potentially harmful situation and owners should remove any dog(s) displaying these behaviours.

  • Limit the use of toys and treats to help avoid dog to dog conflict.
  • Remove dogs that play too rough.  Please leash and remove your dog it its play is making other dogs or dog owners uncomfortable.

Keeping Dogs and People Safe

Not all dogs are good candidates to take into a leash free area.  A good "dog-park" dog is:

  • well socialized to people and dogs
  • dependable with basic manners such as come, sit, down, leave-it and stay
  • healthy
  • spayed or neutered

Please do not bring the following dogs into the leash free area:

  • puppies under the age of 4 months
  • females in heat
  • injured, stressed or older dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis
  • dogs with illnesses, communicable diseases, diarrhea, cough or parasites
  • dogs with serious behaviour problems in relation to other dogs or people
  • dogs who wear a prong, choke, and electronic collars

Leash Free Area Working Group

A volunteer working group meets quarterly each year to address any issues relating to the Grand Valley Park off-leash area. The group also makes recommendations for improvements to the facility and is responsible for the general upkeep, observing the behaviour of dogs and owners using the area, informing pet owners of the rules that govern the use of the leash free area and advising Animal Services if enforcement of violations is required.

For more information, or to join, email the leash free working group.

Dogs enjoying some leash free play time