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Litter and Illegal Dumping

We work hard to maintain a beautiful community for our residents and visitors to enjoy. With your help we can avoid the negative impact this type of activity has on our City.

Litter and illegal dumping may:

  • represent a breeding ground for fire and disease
  • degrade water quality
  • cause injury to pets, wildlife, residents and children
  • discourage economic development by lowering real estate values

The cost of cleaning up illegally-dumped garbage exceeds $100,000 each year - a cost incurred by our taxpayers.  Dumping waste on City property is against the law and carries a $5,000 fine. 

What is the City doing to address litter and illegal dumping?

In addition to directing City staff to clean up litter and garbage, Pickering:

  • helps coordinate community clean-up programs
  • enforces its anti-dumping and anti-littering by-laws

Contact us to report any litter or illegal dumping.

Question or Concern?
For any questions, concerns or service requests send us a Service Request.