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Measuring Sustainability Report

Measuring sustainability Report CoverThe City of Pickering is in the midst of a transformation from a suburban community to a sustainable city. The Measuring Sustainability Report sets a baseline that will allow the City to track this transformation over time.

Early in 2010, the City produced its first report on measuring sustainability, which included baseline measurements for 19 of the 32 indicators that had been developed at that time in consultation with staff, stakeholders, and residents.

Since then, the City has had further technical working group discussions, and carried out a community survey to provide insight into attitudes towards sustainability and individual household actions that support sustainability. As a result of this work, data on a number of indicators not covered in the first report has now been obtained. As well, the original list of 32 indicators has been updated and refined to better represent the number and variety of matters the municipality has an interest in tracking. The 2012 Report measures 55 indicators of sustainability.

The indicators are grouped into five sections:

  1. Healthy Environment
  2. Healthy Economy
  3. Healthy Society
  4. Responsible Development
  5. Responsible Consumption

At the end of each section, website links and related information is included on what you and your family can do to live more sustainable and help make Pickering a more sustainable city.

The report is available online as well as for loan through the Pickering Public Library. Consistent with our sustainability objectives, only a limited number of copies were printed.

What's next?

Now that our baseline sustainability condition has been established, with the help of the community we will begin setting measurable targets for our various indicators, and developing realistic action plans that will help move us toward these targets.

If you have any questions or to request a print copy, please contact the Coordinator, Sustainability.