Park Stewardship Program
The Park Stewardship Program encourages schools, businesses and community groups to become actively involved in their local parks. By keeping the area clean, you will be promoting a positive image and discouraging litter.

New - Backyard Tree Planting Program
Beautify your property and help grow our urban forest! The City of Pickering partnered with LEAF and the Region of Durham to bring residents a subsidized Backyard Tree Planting program. Experts will help you select the right trees and planting locations, while also providing the option of full-service tree planting to help ensure long-term survival. Native shrubs are also available! Homeowners, multi-units and businesses with adequate planting space may apply. Quantities are limited. 

Be a Good Neighbour with Nature
To live near a natural area is a privilege and a joy, but with this privilege comes responsibility. This TRCA fact sheet explains the activities that you can do, and should not do, to protect the land's ecological integrity.

Citizen Science Program
The Citizen Science program relies on nature enthusiasts to contribute to key nature conservation projects in their community. Observations of wild plants and animals through iNaturalist and/or Natural Heritage Information Centre, help to identify and monitor populations and track species distributions and spatial trends over time.

men participating in a salmon release

Get involved with the local conservation authority
TRCA offer volunteer stewardship and training opportunities.

50 Million Trees Program
Planting trees is a practical way to help the environment. Apply for a subsidy to help offset the cost.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Youth Council
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Youth Council is designed to give young people a way to come together to identify environmental issues that matter to them and provide opportunities take action. That could mean organizing youth events about the environment, giving input on TRCA programs and priorities or working on awareness campaigns about specific issues. Apply to become a member.

Pickering's Eco Kids

Activities about the Natural Environment

Tree Canada 
The Tree Canada website has lots of information about trees, including an interactive exploration of Canadian trees and a description of each provincial and territorial tree.

Hinterland Who's Who 
This website gives you in-depth descriptions of wildlife, discussions on issues, actions that you can take to help wildlife.

Hinterland Who's Who Tube 
YouTube features educational videos on everything from biodiversity and pollination to living with urban wildlife.