Adopt a School

Adopt a School is a comprehensive fire safety curriculum program designed for grade one students. It presents six fire safety messages using classroom lessons, activities and home connections. It provides schools with maximum flexibility so that presentations can be taught as stand-alone fire safety units by fire crews and is easily integrated in language arts core curriculum lessons by teachers. Teaching students how to prevent fires and how to respond properly in fire situations are skills students in adopted classes will remember and practice throughout their lives. Our goal is to teach students to recognize and avoid fire risks, helping them lead fuller and more productive lives and reaching beyond the classroom to families in this process.

Learn Not To Burn

Learn Not to Burn is fire safety education program designed for grade three students and is based on information that reflects fires in Pickering. The program includes the video 'Sparky and the Runaway Robot' and props that show the top causes of fires in our community and how they can be prevented. It challenges students to prepare and practice home escape planning with fun rewards for positive action.

The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

TAPP-C is an assessment and intervention program aimed at reducing the incidence of youth fire-setting in the community. TAPP-C is based on the premise that for most youth, fire-setting is a behavioural problem that can be corrected with a combination of education and psychological counselling. Fire play is when a child puts themselves or others in danger by playing with fire materials such as matches or lighters. Pickering Fire Services plays a key role in the identification and referral of youth fire-setters. The program focuses on educating children aged 2-17 about appropriate fire safety behaviours. According to the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Clarke Division, a follow-up survey of some of these children indicated that 70% have not continued to set fires. Contact us, or Durham Region at 905.436.6754 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Know Fire

Whether you are a student moving into a college or university residence, or just decided that you would like your own place to live, there are a multitude of decisions to be made. Every year we hear about a number of major fires affecting young adults throughout the province. While there are several causes for these fires, you need to be prepared in the event of fire. Know Fire is a fire safety awareness program for students. It includes quick and simple tips that will help save lives, whether you are a student, property owner, or parent.

Get Real Durham

Get Real Durham is a proactive fire education campaign that runs simultaneously in all communities across Durham Region. The goal is to educate residents on the probability of fires happening, the most common causes of home fires and a call to action so residents can protect their family from fire. The campaign engages 2000 households per year in each municipality, which is split into spring and fall initiatives. The Get Real Durham campaign consists of three phases which include automated phone calls from the local Fire Chief, Regional brochures containing fire statistics, and firefighter's door-to-door smoke and carbon monoxide inspection service. For more information visit the Get Real Durham page.

Older and Wiser

Statistics show that adults over age 65 are at the highest risk of being killed or injured in a fire. Although most older adults continue to live independent, productive lives, the natural aging process can make them particularly vulnerable to fire.  Common fire risks for older adults include careless smoking, careless cooking and improper placement of space heaters. Older and Wiser is designed to be delivered by fire departments with the assistance of community groups, home support workers and friends and families of older adults.

Swing into Summer Safety

Who better to help promote safety to children than our own boys of summer - the Toronto Blue Jays! Pickering Fire Services is pleased to partner with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council and its Sponsors to participate in its "Swing into Summer Safety" campaign. This important safety initiative is all about educating and raising awareness with school-age children and their families about fire safety and other injury prevention tips. This baseball season, watch out for Pickering firefighters at various community events to get a pack of Toronto Blue Jays baseball cards. Baseball cards can also be picked up from any Pickering Fire Station, the Pickering Recreation Complex or at Customer Care at City Hall, while supplies last!

Pickering Fire Services is proud to participate in the following Provincial campaigns

  • Press the Button
  • Emergency Preparedness Week
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week
  • 12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety

Presentations we offer include:

  • Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • Durham Race Against Drugs
  • Home Alone Awareness
  • Babysitter Safety Awareness
  • Girl Guides and Scouts Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Station tours are available at all Pickering Fire Stations. Tours are limited to 20 children at a time, and must be accompanied by adults.

The Office of the Fire Marshal website provides pamphlets, information sheets and public service announcements on various fire safety topics such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, home escape planning, fire safety for older adults, cooking and electrical fire safety and tips on how to have a fire safe home.

Sparky and friendThe Sparky website has fun and easy-to-understand fire prevention games, activities, and information for young children.

Contact us for more information on the Public Education Programs and Presentations that we offer.