The City's Tree Protection By-law 6108/03 prevents the destruction of healthy trees in the specified tree protection areas, in an effort to protect and preserve the environment.

For all development sites and potential development sites, the City’s Tree Inventory, Preservation and Removal Compensation Requirements apply. No tree removal is permitted prior the submission and approval of a Tree Inventory Report and Preservation Plan which is required as part of all draft plan of subdivision, zoning, land division or site plan approval submissions.

Highlights - What You Need to Know

  • subject to the exemptions below, permits are required to remove trees located in a designated protection area at a cost of $100.00
  • download the application for Tree Cutting Permit
  • dead, dangerous, diseased or severely injured trees require permits for removal
    • if a report from a certified arborist is submitted with the permit application, it will be processed at no charge
    • where the City's arborist is required to inspect to confirm the compromised state of the tree, the permit fee is $25.00.


  • tree cutting permits are not required for trees not located in the designated protection area. However, a permit associated with the City's Fill & Topsoil Disturbance By-law may be required. "Land Disturbance" is defined by the By-law to mean, "any man made change of the land surface including removing vegetative cover...". The City's Engineering Services Department is to be contacted for further details.
  • permits are not required for trees located in the designated protection area if the tree is less than 25 millimetres in diameter measured at a height of 1.5 meters above grade
  • permits are not required for the removal of Ash trees in relation to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation