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Municipal Law Enforcement

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Vehicle Idling


Unnecessary vehicle idling wastes fuel and money. Idling also releases significant greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants to the air, contributing to climate change and adversely affecting our health and well-being.

What you should know?

The City of Pickering has an Idling of Vehicles By-law that restricts and limits idling times. Generally, vehicles are not permitted to idle longer than 5 minutes. This By-law is enforced by the City's Municipal Law Enforcement Services and the Durham Regional Police Service. 

Exceptions include:

  • emergency services vehicles including police, fire and ambulance, engaged in operational or training activities
  • vehicles where idling is required as part of a repair process or to prepare a vehicle for servicing
  • vehicles which remain motionless because of an emergency, traffic or weather conditions over which the driver has no control
  • vehicles transporting a person where a medical doctor certifies in writing that for medical reasons, the person requires the temperature or humidity be maintained within a certain range