What are some of the actions the City is doing to improve waste diversion?

Improving waste diversion at City facilities and events:

  • installed battery collection bins for residents to recycle their used household batteries at the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex, East Shore Community Centre, George Ashe Library Branch, and the Pickering Central Library
  • Man sorting his garbage into appropriate binsoffer recycling and green bin collection at facilities where it's feasible
  • reuse office items, print double-sided, discourage unsolicited sales catalogues, recycle batteries, printer cartridges, old cell phones and milk bags
  • eliminating the use of plastic water bottles
  • created a staff checklist for sustainable meetings and events
  • provide documents online to avoid the need to print paper copies
  • use reusable plates, napkins, cutlery, etc; when attendance is large, such as for Ribfest, biodegradable options are used and green bins provided

Increasing public awareness of waste diversion

  • partner with the Region of Durham to offer annual electronic waste and household hazardous waste collection events
  • participate in the National Waste Reduction Week every year by carrying out internal and external education campaigns and waste reduction challenges

Encouraging the diversion of dog waste from landfill

  • offer the Dog Waste Diversion Program in 18 parks to allow residents to use biodegradable bags provided by the City when stooping and scooping after their dogs in parks