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Who is responsible for my water service?

The Region of Durham is responsible for water and sewer related matters.  Visit the Region of Durham's website or email the Works Department for more information.

Water efficiency

The Region of Durham coordinates a program called Water Efficient Durham. Using water efficiently has numerous benefits. By being water wise, you will lower your water bill, help us avoid or delay costly water supply plant expansions and help protect the environment for future generations.

Regional Water Efficiency Information

Try the water use calculator

Use this water calculator to find out how much water you are consuming and what it costs.  Any time you use water you are also billed on a one-to-one ratio for sanitary sewer. Both the cost per litre of water used and the sewer and water service charges are built into the calculations.  Arming yourself with this information can help you focus your conservation efforts to save the most water and money.

Take Action

Looking to purchase a rain barrel?

Check out this website to see a list of rain barrel fundraising sale events.