Calling all skaters and community members! On April 30, we're hosting a special event at the West Shore Skate Spot in Pickering.

Join us as Pickering's Community Services team presents various top coats that have been researched and sourced to enhance the grip and usability of the skate spot. We want your input on which coating performs the best, ensuring that our skating community can enjoy the space safely and to the fullest.

Tuesday, April 30
4:00 - 6:00 pm
West Shore Skate Spot
1011 Bayly St.

But wait, there's more! We've got a fun-filled afternoon planned featuring delicious pizza to fuel your skating adventures, tunes, and the opportunity to show off your skills for a chance to win a set of dragon wheels. Community Services will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and to make sure you have a blast.

Mark your calendars, grab your boards, and join us on April 30 for an afternoon of skating, feedback, and community fun. Together, let's make our skate spot the best it can be!

The public art piece named “You Can Never Close Nature” was installed in October 2023 by Artist FATSPATROL (Fathima Mohiuddin) in partnership with Mural Routes, and is located at the West Shore Community Centre Skate Spot, 1011-1015 Bayly Street, Pickering. FATSPATROL final mural designed was created with the help of the West Shore community and is reflective of the neighborhood and the recreational activities that take place in this location. The public art piece was created with spray paint and applied directly to the surface of the West Shore Skate Spot. The mural includes themes and images of the diverse natural environment that coexist in the West Shore community.

Photo Gallery: Public Art - You Can Never Close Nature will appear here on the public site.

About the Artwork

“The subject matter for this artwork, (the pike, the walleye, the water, sunsets and sunrises, the heron, the swan, trail patterns, foliage, ripples on the water) all came from two community consultations where local members stressed the significance of West Shore as an area of natural abundance and diversity. I interpreted these in the style of using bold colours, patterns and black lines that have featured in my work since the start of my creative practice. The use of bold black lines in particular, comes from a study of mark making and my early influences of comic books, tribal Indian art (eg. Kalamkari) Middle Eastern Textiles and later graffiti. The intent was for this artwork to be bold as a graphic style favored by some local youth, and also to visually enhance the features of the Skate Spot to allow users of the park to differentiate its surfaces.”  

-Fathima Mohiuddin


About the Artist

fatspatrol"I grew up in Dubai. I went to school with kids from 90 different countries. As teenagers we would all congregate at a skate bowl on the beach.

"In 2018 I painted a skatepark in Mimico, Toronto with Lakeshore Arts. I designed the piece based on vintage skateboard artwork and symbols I thought were relevant to the culture. For this particular project I spent some time observing the movements of skaters as they travel through the skate park that resulted in painting an eagle in flight. I shared this with skaters I know to ensure it made sense for them.

"The project also involved engaging emerging artists in the neighbourhood in priming and some painting (as per their abilities) and knowledge sharing during the process.

"I’m also interested to paint a skate park again because I think my skills as an artist have developed a fair amount since 2018 and I’d like to have another go at it. There were a lot of moments of learning in that project in 2018 which I feel will carry over to make this project even more successful."

To learn more, visit fatspatrol’s webpage.