The City of Pickering has proposed a new skateboard spot in the West Shore Neighbourhood and wants your feedback.

Site Location

The proposed site is adjacent to the West Shore Community Centre, located at 1011-1015 Bayly Street, Pickering. It is easily accessible from Bayly Street and the waterfront trail, with adequate parking for those who may wish to drive. It’s also serviced by Durham Region Transit, with a bus stop nearby. The site is clearly visible from Bayly Street, providing for passive surveillance and is not directly adjacent to existing residences.

Proposed Skate Spot - West Shore

Background Information

The City developed a Skateboard Park Strategy in 2017 as a supplement to its Recreation and Parks Master Plan update (learn more). The strategy helped determine existing and future needs for skateboard park facilities as well as potential locations.  

Of the households surveyed as part of the strategy engagement, 8% had a family member that skateboarded in the past year, which equates to over 2,500 residents in Pickering who skateboard.

The results indicated that one community size skateboard park and five smaller skateboard facilities called “skate spots”, would be required to adequately service the residents of South Pickering. Currently Pickering only has one community sized skateboard park, located in Diana, Princess of Wales Park, and no skate spots. Skateboard parks provide an inexpensive recreational outlet for the youth of our community as well for the like-minded children and adults.    

What is a skate spot?

In skateboard park typologies, a skate spot is somewhere between a skate dot and a neighbourhood sized skateboard park. It is a small scale skateable space that could be located in a neighbourhood park or along a paved pedestrian trail. Skate spot sizes range from 150 sq. m. to 600 sq. m. in area. (The skate spot conceptually shown on the location plan is approximately 300 sq. m. in area.) Skate spots support users of all skill levels but typically focus on features that have a relatively low impact on the site area and favour novice and intermediate level users. This type of skateboard facility tends to draw users that live locally, from 1 to 3 km away.

Skate Spot Example - photo credit Scott Loyst

Photo credit: Scott Loyst

Community Association Support

The Pickering West Shore Community Association (PWSCA) was presented with the concept designs of a skate spot on the West Shore Community Centre site during its 2017 PWSCA Annual General Meeting and voted overwhelmingly in favour of having a skatepark constructed at this location. The PWSCA Executive and Membership continue to support this proposal.

Have your say Pickering!

The City invited feedback from skateboarders and the broader community to understand the level of support for this proposal. The survey closed May 31, 2021.