Pickering takes pride in its rich agricultural history, with over 5,000 hectares designated for agricultural land use.

Healthy food means a healthy community. Pickering farmers produce a wide variety of cash crops, as well as fruits, vegetables, florals, trees and livestock. Pickering is also home to many food and beverage processing facilities such as Joriki Beverages and Derlea Brand Foods. Food and beverage processing is the second largest industry in Canada. 

In conjunction with the Durham Economic Development Partnership (DEDP), Pickering works to better the business infrastructure of our agricultural community, striving to ensure it has the tools needed to operate a modern, prosperous farming operation. Membership on the Greater Toronto Countryside Mayor's Alliance gives Pickering an active voice in the larger GTA-wide agricultural community to ensure an awareness of rural economic development issues and address the policies and legislation that address the development of our countryside economy.

The City continues to lend its support to such projects as the City Centre Farmers' Market, and the community garden, both conveniently located in the heart of our downtown and other agri-businesses here in Pickering.

Joriki Beverages

Joriki has been servicing the beverage contract packaging needs of North America for over 20 years. They pride themselves on delivering high quality, cost effective manufacturing solutions for some of the largest brands in the world. With manufacturing sites across Canada, and capabilities in multiple packaging types, their highly dedicated and knowledgeable team will exceed your expectations.

Learn more about Joriki Beverages: https://www.jorikiinc.com/ 

Derlea Brand Foods

For nearly a quarter of a century Derlea Brand Foods has been providing consumers and suppliers with fresh, authentic Garlic, Ginger and Sun Dried Tomato products in convenient formats. Derlea now owns and operates an 80,000 sf manufacturing facility in Pickering. Whether you are dining at your favourite restaurant, or enjoying a family meal at your local eatery, chances are that Derlea’s ingredients are being used to prepare your favourite dish.

Learn more about Derlea Brand Foods: http://www.derlea.ca/ 

Pickering City Centre Farmers' Market

The Pickering City Centre Farmers' Market is one of the most popular attractions in the City. Farmers and other food vendors come together every summer and sell local goods to consumers from all across Pickering and Durham. 

Learn more about the Pickering City Centre Farmers' Market: https://www.pickering.ca/en/farmersmarket.aspx 

Visit a local farmer and find out what's for dinner.