Pickering issues a variety of licences, including those shown below. 

Business Type Fees Application Governing By-law
Adult Video $1,545.00 Adult Video Store Licence Video By-law
Automobile Wrecking Yard $258 per year Business Licence Business By-law
Boarding Kennel $258 per year
$60.00 late renewal penalty
Boarding Kennel Licence Boarding Kennel By-law
Breeder $258 per year
$60.00 late renewal penalty
Breeder Licence Breeder By-law
Carnival $100.00 for first day and
$50.00 for each subsequent day
Carnival Licence Carnival By-law
Hawker & Peddler $52 - per day/per location or
$515 - per calendar year for stationary use
Hawker & Peddler Licence Hawker & Peddler By-law
Home-Based Business $75.00 Home-Based Business Application Home-Based Business Licensing By-law 
Horse Riding Establishments $258.00 initial licence
$60.00 late fee
Horse Riding Establishment Licence Horse By-law
Markets $206.00 day if <100 stalls
$1,030.00 day if >100 stalls
Business Licence Business By-law
Petshop $258 per year
$60.00 late renewal penalty
Pet Shop Licence Pet Shop By-law
Public Halls $25.00 Business Licence Business By-law
Refreshment Vehicle Licence $515 per year

Refreshment Vehicle Licence

Hawker & Peddler By-law

Dog/Cat Licences

The City of Pickering requires that all dogs and cats be licensed on an annual basis. By licensing your pet, you increase their chance of being reunited with you should they ever get lost. Please see the Animal Services page for details.

Taxi Licence

To be a Taxicab Driver, Taxicab Owner, or Taxicab Broker operating within the City of Pickering, you must qualify and acquire a valid licence.   Applicants must apply to the Clerk's Office, Civic Complex, One the Esplanade.

NOTE: It takes a minimum of 2 days to process a taxicab licence application.

Necessary Documentation

  • Proof of registration in Taxicab Driver Testing & Training Program (Proof of completion for renewal)
  • Valid Ontario Driver's Licence (G class or better)
  • MTO - Driver Record
  • Criminal Information Abstract- if any charges or convictions appear, staff will determine eligibility
  • Fee:
 Applicant  Amount  Term
Taxicab Driver $100.00 Two-year Licence
Taxicab Owner $250.00 (Renewal) Renewed Annually
Taxicab Broker $150.00 (Renewal) Renewed Annually