Documents available:

Appendix A - Fill & Topsoil Disturbance By-law

Appendix B - ESC Notes

Appendix C - Fence By-law 

Appendix D - Noise By-law

Appendix E - Tree Protection By-law

Appendix F - Boulevard Tree Planting Program Standards

Appendix G - TRCA Planting Guidelines

Appendix H - Lot Grading Certificate

Appendix I - Lot Grading Scheme
Please email Engineering Services to request a copy of these drawing files:

  • Figure 1 - Design Scheme Rear to Front Drainage Frontsplit
  • Figure 2 - Design Scheme Rear to Front Drainage
  • Figure 3 - Design Scheme Split Drainage Walkout
  • Figure 4 - Design Scheme Split Drainage

Appendix J - Fire Services Development Design Guidelines