The City of Pickering has initiated a review of the Sign By-law 6999/09. The outcome of this review will be a new consolidated Sign By-law to replace the existing by-law. For more information, please visit the Sign By-law Review web page.

Pickering's Sign By-law sets out the minimum requirements for all types of signs in the City. Depending on the sign, it may be necessary to obtain a permit or temporary license before you install it. It is important for you to confirm whether you need a permit or temporary license as some signs are entirely prohibited or restricted to certain locations.

Temporary Sign Licenses

Commercial business and casual signs require temporary licences, and are administered by Pickering's By-law Enforcement Services.

A temporary sign licence is required for certain commercial signs, including

  • Banners, Billboard advertising, Inflatable signs, Portable signs, Sidewalk signs

A permit or licence is not required for the following signs:

  • Address signs, Community event signs, Construction information signs, Development sales office signs, Development sales signs, Directional signs, Directory signs, Election signs, Farm signs, Filming location signs, Flags, Garage sale signs, Gas station canopies, Home based business signs, Home improvement signs, Interior signs, Menu boards, Model home signs, No trespassing signs, Open house signs, Posters, Real estate signs

Note: All of the above signs are subject to number, size and other conditions and limitations prescribed in the sign by-law.

View our Portable Sign Licence Schedule

How to get a Temporary Sign License

  1. Complete an application for a temporary sign license
  2. Drop off your completed application to the Municipal Law Enforcement Services counter at the Pickering City Hall or fill one out in person.  
  3. Multi-tenanted properties must include written consent from the property owner/manager.
  4. Pay the permit fee of $100.00

Temporary/Portable Sign Regulations

A maximum of 1 licence may be issued for a single property at any one time, irrespective of the number of business tenancies located on the property.

A maximum of 4 licenses for portable signs may be issued concerning an individual business or service in any calendar year provided at least 30 days have elapsed since the expiry of the last portable sign license and the sign has been removed.

Zone Maximum Height Maximum Area Maximum Number Minimum Setback
Residential Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Special Sign Districts Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Open Space System - Natural Areas Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Other Zones 2 m 4 m2  1 3 m

Every portable sign shall be located on the property to which the sign relates.

A licence for a portable sign shall be valid for a period of not more than 30 days, after which the sign shall be immediately removed.

 Sign Type  Fee
 Portable Sign Licence  $100
 Banner and Inflatable  $100
 Sidewalk Sign  $100
 Billboard  $500
Additional fee for any sign installed prior to license issuance  $50