Zoning in Pickering

Lands in Pickering are regulated by six parent Zoning By-laws (see Areas for Parent Zoning By-laws):

  • 2511 & 2520 (Urban Employment areas)
  • 3036 (Urban Mixed Use and Residential areas)
  • 3037 (Rural and Open Space areas)
  • 7364/14 (Seaton Urban Area)
  • 7553/17 (City Centre)

These parent by‑laws have been amended by zoning by-laws containing detailed standards that further regulate the development for specific sites. Currently, only the Seaton Urban Area Zoning By-law 7364/14 and the City Centre Zoning By-law 7553/17 are available for viewing online. An online request for zoning information must be submitted for all other lands regulated by Pickering’s remaining parent and site specific amending zoning by-laws.

The City has initiated a Zoning By-law Review of our six existing parent zoning by-laws. This review is intended to:

  • create one consolidated zoning by-law
  • update zoning to reflect current Official Plan policies and associated development guidelines
  • ensure the new Consolidated By-law is consistent with current legislation, policy and trends, and
  • ensure the by-law format and associated mapping are appropriate for posting to the City’s website. 

How to Request Zoning Information

Zoning information is provided in response to a Request for Zoning and will not be provided over the phone or at the City Development front counter.


Requests for zoning information must be submitted online by using the Request for Zoning Information Form with the appropriate service feeResponses to online requests for zoning information will be provided in writing by email within 3 to 5 business days. 

How to Request a Zoning Certificate

An Application for a Zoning Certificate is a preliminary zoning review of plans to confirm zoning compliance and will also identify non-compliances. The fee includes one revision to the drawings as part of the review. Any subsequent changes (beyond the first revision) resulting in an additional review will be treated as a new application. Reviewed plans will be digitally stamped for zoning compliance. The stamped plans will be compared with plans submitted later for minor variance and site plan applications to confirm consistency between the plans. A zoning clearance certificate will be issued by email.


Minor Variance

A Zoning Certificate is a requirement of an Application for Minor Variance. However, where a zoning review through a Building Permit Application has identified zoning noncompliance, the requirement for a Zoning Certificate will not be required for an Application for Minor Variance. Should an applicant not apply for a Zoning Certificate or not have had plans reviewed through an Building Permit Application or Application for Site Plan Approval they are required to acknowledge in the Application for Minor Variance that there may be application processing delays, permit refusal, and/or the requirement for a further application to the Committee of Adjustment.


Site Plan Approval

The requirement for a Zoning Certificate and appropriate fee will be identified in Zoning & Administration comments at the pre-consultation meeting for an Application for Site Plan Approval. 


Building Permit

A Zoning Certificate is not required for a Building Permit Application as a zoning review is conducted as part of the Building Permit Application process. However, an applicant may wish to apply for a Zoning Certificate prior to submitting for building permit to assist in perfecting an Application for a Building Permit. A zoning certificate does not result in the zoning review being waived at building permit stage. Changes to the stamped drawings could result in additional zoning non-compliances being identified.


Application Form, Submission Requirements, Fees and Payment

The Zoning Certificate Application Form can be completed and submitted online.


Minimum submission requirements for an Application for Zoning Certificate are:

  • completed application form
  • property survey
  • detailed site plan – fully dimensioned showing adjacent properties and building including setbacks
  • floor plans – fully dimensioned indicating uses of all spaces
  • site grading plans for calculating height from average grade
  • applicable building elevations and cross-sections, and
  • fee


Once a completed application form is received, the applicant will be emailed a link to upload the required drawings. All drawings must be provided in a PDF format, drawn to scale, fully dimensioned, signed and dated. Staff may request additional drawings and information.


See the Schedule of Fees for the appropriate Zoning Certificate Application fee. Online Payment is available.