The City's Home Based Business By-law permits a business to operate legally from a permanent residence with certain limitations.

Highlights - What You Need to Know

Definition: A "home based business" is as an accessory business or occupation conducted in a dwelling unit by a resident of that dwelling unit. The business or occupation must be clearly subordinate to the primary residential use of the unit, and must not create a public nuisance or adverse effect on surrounding lands or in the neighbouring community.

The business may only occupy 25 percent of the finished floor area of a dwelling unit, to a maximum of 50 square meters.

Pick-ups and deliveries to the home based business must take place between 6:30 am and 8:00 pm.

With the exception of one sign for identification purposes, the business can not have any outdoor storage or display. The sign can not be internally-illuminated, and must be less than 0.2 metres squared.

Prohibited Uses

The following are prohibited from operating as a home-based business:

  • animal hospital / veterinarian clinic
  • heavy machinery repair, sales or service
  • kennel / animal boarding service
  • restaurant (any type of eating / drinking establishment)
  • retail store or wholesaling
  • taxi service
  • vehicle repair, sales or service (including audio / video equipment)
  • warehousing

Application Form

Application for Home-Based Business Licence [PDF]