The City is committed to attracting investment in the Information Communication Technology Technology (ICT) market. ICT companies looking to relocate or expand will thrive in Pickering. It is a connected, supportive and sustainable city with an advanced IT infrastructure, and prestige employment lands and office space available to meet the needs of the ICT sector.

Pickering is within close proximity to technology rich educational institutions like the Ontario Tech University, Durham College, Trent University, Toronto Metropolitan University, and the University of Toronto. Graduating students from these universities and colleges provide a large pool of highly skilled and creative employees for the ICT sector.

Pickering also borders the City of Toronto, home to Canada's largest ICT sector and third largest in North America, employing over 155,000 individuals. 

RBRO Solutions

RBRO Solutions is an iconic IT firm started by two brothers here in Pickering. They're uniquely positioned to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Their software works hand-in-hand with iManage to empower their customers to receive maximum benefit. Using best practices and unrivalled products and services, RBRO ensure stheir clients’ onboarding, adoption and continued success.

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Search Engine People

Search Engine People specialize in search engine optimization and marketing. Their services give businesses a cutting edge in the digital world and provide them with successful results. As Canada’s most trusted search agency, their team loves working with small businesses, and some of the world’s biggest and most prolific brands.

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GroundLevel Insights

GroundLevel Insights is a prime leader of Innovative Technology here in Pickering. They offer data driven solutions using AI technology to help develop Enlightened Business Decisions. A good example of this is their CANATRACE app - Now used nationwide to track patrons data across all types of businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and help businesses stay open. 

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