The Official Plan Review (OP Review)

The Planning Act of Ontario requires municipalities to regularly review their official plans to reflect updates to Legislation, Provincial plans and policies, the Region of Durham's Official Plan, and other changes that impact municipal planning decisions. A comprehensive review of the City of Pickering Official Plan was last initiated in 2007.

The final action resulting from the 2007 Pickering Official Plan Review is the revision and introduction of new policies and designations to guide the redevelopment, at higher densities than exists today, in the Kingston Road Corridor and the Specialty Retailing Node located east of Brock Road and between Kingston Road and Highway 401.

For more information on the corresponding Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment process, please visit the application page:

Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node - Official Plan Amendment 38

Stay tuned for updates about the NEXT comprehensive review of the Pickering Official Plan.