Is your pet up to date with its Rabies Vaccine?

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has confirmed that raccoon rabies is in Ontario.

If your pet isn't vaccinated it is at risk. Visit your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is fully protected.

Although the raccoon rabies strain has not been identified in Pickering, it is very important that residents take the necessary steps to ensure that people and pets in our community are kept safe.

  1. Ensure that your dog and/or cat is up to date with its rabies vaccinations - visit your local veterinarian or attend a low cost rabies clinic.
  2. Do not allow your dog or cat to run at large or be unsupervised while outside.
  3. Avoid all contact with wild animals, including contact between pets and wildlife.
  4. Contact your local veterinarian about how to best prevent your pet from getting rabies and other potential viruses. Vaccinations are your best choice for prevention.
  5. Report wild animals exhibiting abnormal behaviour to us at 905.683.7575 or directly to the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry Rabies Hotline at 1.888.574.6656.
  6. If you are bitten by an animal ensure that you report the bite to us as well as the Durham Region Health Department at 1.888.777.9613.

Rabies Resources

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians provides information on Ontario's response, upcoming rabies clinics and general information on rabies.