ecoENERGY for Personal Vehicles
Do you own a personal vehicle? Learn how to save money, use less fuel, and protect the environment on this website.

Green Audit for Places of Worship
Book an audit with Greening Sacred Spaces. The audit will cover topics such as air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, daily operations and maintenance. You will receive a comprehensive report on the findings, including recommendations and reference materials.

Become a member of Smart Commute Durham
Smart Commute Durham helps local employers and commuters explore and promote different commuter choices, such as carpooling, teleworking, transit, cycling, walking or flexible work hours.

Car Heaven Program
This program provides charitable tax receipts and free towing of retired vehicles to donors, and recycles vehicles in an environmentally sound way.

Mow Down Pollution Program
This program rewards people for relinquishing old gas lawnmowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers or chainsaws by providing rebates on new cleaner ones and recycles old mowers responsibly.

Simple Actions to Reduce Air Pollution
We've compiled a list of simple actions that you can do to reduce air pollution.

Pickering's Eco Kids

Information and Activities

Things Kids Can Do for the Air We Breathe 
This website has information about smog and tips for kids to help keep the air clean.

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

By measuring our carbon footprint, we can learn how we are contributing to this rise in atmospheric CO2 and how we might use energy more efficiently. 

Ontario Active School Travel
Join the Active School movement and get your kids involved in walking and wheeling to school! This will help them get active and reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air from cars.