Alternative Placement for Cats

Pickering Animal Services strives to find safe, suitable and loving homes for every animal that enters into our care.  Alternative placement cats are typically used to outdoor life and prefer minimal to no human contact. These cats are typically not social, friendly cats or suited to be pets. They have no desire to be “lap cats” and cannot be touched, or may take a very long time to trust enough to pet them.

Alternative Placements for cats and cat relocation is a last resort and is only considered in situations when it is in the best interest and welfare of the cat. The cats available for alternative placement do not thrive well in the shelter settings and are considered to be poor house adoption candidates.  Cats typically fall into the alternative placement category due to their previous lifestyle on the streets or the lack of ability to socialize with people and other cats.

For cats that fall into this category, Animal Services has created a Barn Cat Adoption Program By placing these cats into an alternative lifestyle home, we’re able to ensure they are living their best lives. 

In 2023, Pickering Animal Services successfully completed International Cat Care's (20- week) Cat Friendly Homing Program. This program looked at providing the best solutions for all kinds of cats. Check out the varying needs of domestic cats here and why we are a pleased to offer our Barn Cat Adoption Program as an alternative placement for our cats.

Barn Cat Adoption Program

If you have a barn, stable or farm, you can help save a cat! The Barn Cat Adoption Program pairs cat lovers who own a barn or other secure outdoor structures with cats that prefer the outdoors or have an inability to adjust to life at the shelter or inside a home. We ask that anyone interested in adopting a cat from our Barn Cat Program comply with the following rules:

  • I will respect my cat and will not force my attention on it or try to change it
  • I will happily interact if the cat chooses to come to me
  • I will provide my cat with food and water every day and make provisions for doing so when I am not there
  • I will monitor my cat (to the best of my ability) for any signs of illness or injury

Prior to adoption, all the cats will be spayed/neutered, ear tipped and vaccinated.

There is no fee for adopting our barn cats, but a donation is appreciated to cover the cost of medical treatment.

Barn Cat Adoption Questionnaire

If you are interested in taking in a barn cat, please fill out our online application form, so we can match you with a suitable cat.

Application Form

Will I be responsible for any health concerns?

Any cat you adopt from the Pickering Animal Services will be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations. Following adoption, you will be responsible for monitoring the animal for any future health concerns that may come up. 

What can I expect once I bring a cat home?

A barn cat requires shelter in a permanent building or structure like a barn, stable, or garage. The property should ideally be away from busy roads and must be in a location where cats are allowed to roam free. If you have more than one cat your building must have ample space for every cat to be able to run, hide and play. 

Daily food and water must be provided, as well as any future medical care needed.