The City's Animal Services team is committed to keeping the people and pets of Pickering safe. We are here to help! Our services include:

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Pets and Fireworks

Many animals find fireworks scary and it is not uncommon for them to run and hide, scratch at a doorway or even dart into traffic to try to escape. There are plenty of things you can do to help your pet and by preparing in advance before fireworks start, your pet will be better able to cope with the noises.

Below are some ways to keep your pet safe during fireworks displays.

  • Keep pets inside
  • Close all windows, curtains and doors that are near where your pet will be.
  • If your pet is very scared, place them in a separate room (or crate) with closed windows and turn on a radio or television to create ambient noise.
  • For pets in a crate/cage place a blanket over the top. This helps to muffle the loud sounds.
  • If you typically walk your dog in the evenings, consider taking then out earlier in the day.
  • A tired pet is a happy pet -  make sure you play with them earlier in the day (this goes for cats and small animals as well)
  • Distract your pet – provide new toys, treats or food puzzles to help keep them distracted.

Activities, Programs and Events

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Join hosts Brady, Jess, Lindsey, and Victoria as they discuss all things Pets in Pickering, Ontario.

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DIY Projects

Activities and Exhibitor Highlights

Here are some of the online activities we shared for Virtual Petapolooza:

Past Program Highlights

Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Night

Animal Services, the Pickering Public Library and the Toronto Zoo's Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation staff recently hosted a virtual session all about turtles in the Pickering area, how to identify different species, and what YOU can do to help the turtles here and throughout Ontario. During this session attendees learned how to become a Citizen Scientist, act as our eyes and ears and help us track turtle and frog presence in our community. Watch the video on YouTube.

SafePet Ontario Information Night

Did you know?  89 per cent of pets involved in situations of domestic or intimate partner violence are also abused? Unfortunately, many human shelters or transitional homes are unable to house animals, which prevents many victims from seeking safety. SafePet Ontario coordinates foster care for pets of individuals fleeing domestic violence. The program helps survivors seek safety while ensuring their pet receives proper care until they’re stabilized and safe and can reunite.

Tammy Merritt, Coordinator from SafePet Ontario shares with you the impact the program is having and how you can become a temporary foster home for a pet in need. Watch the video on YouTube.

COVID-19 and your Pet 

Animal Services and the Pickering Public Library hosted a night with Dr. Mimi Ehrlich from Ajax Animal Hospital. Dr. Erlich provided her veterinary expertise and talked about COVID-19 and the impact it has had on pets. Watch the video on YouTube.

Citizen Canine - Real Pups in the Real World 

Gillian is currently the Director of Canine Coach and for 25 years was the top dog at Who’s Walking Who. Her seminar  covers common issues on all puppy parents minds, including separation anxiety, attention seeking and socialization strategies. Watch the video on YouTube.

Be Responsible and Pick up after your Pet!

Animal Services has recently seen an increase in complaints about residents not picking up after their pets. In some cases the residents are picking it up but then leaving the plastic bag on the ground. Pickering's Responsible Pet Ownership By-law states that owners must immediately remove and dispose of excrement left by their animal within the City.

Failure to comply can result in ticket or fines up to $5,000. Please do your part, be a good neighbour and help keep Pickering clean.

Pet Tags

Residents can purchase or renew pet licences online. Visit and see how easy it is to licence your pet!

Petapolooza Highlights

Here is some of the information we shared during Virtual Petapolooza:

Petapolooza Activities and Exhibitor Highlights

Petapolooza Education Videos

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