Now it's even easier to keep Pickering Parks clean. Residents can use biodegradable bags provided by the City when stooping & scooping in the pet-friendly areas listed below. 

Pickering's Dog Waste Diversion program is available at these locations:

Alex Robertson Park

Amberlea Park

Brockridge Park

Bronte Square (pedestrian bridge)

Bruce Hanscombe Memorial Park

David Farr Park

Diana Princess of Wales Park

Dunmoore Park

Esplanade Park

Forestbrook Park

Grand Valley Park, dog off leash area (3 stations)

J. McPherson Park

Major Oaks Park

Millennium Square

Did you know?

The City of Pickering's Dog Waste Diversion program regularly collects dog waste from all of the City’s dog waste bins where it’s converted into electricity, heat and nutrient dense fertilizer that is free of weed seeds and pathogens at a specialized facility.

See our 2024 chart below for how much dog waste is being converted into electricity within the City of Pickering.

In 2023, 6.601 tonnes of dog waste has been converted into 976.95 KW of electricity. 

Dog Waste Monthly Totals
January 630.00 0.438
February 450.00 0.450
March 680.00 0.680
April 850.00 0.850
Totals 2610.00 2.418

The City of Pickering is committed to keeping dog waste out of landfill with an EfW incineration process. Landfill space saved per tonne of waste burned at EfW = 0.8m3.

Report card values are an approximation based on the overall organic mixture at the time of processing.