We appreciate your generosity - and so do our animals

A Permanent Animal Shelter in Pickering 

Pickering Animal Services is responsible for the care and housing of stray and homeless pets in our community.  If you would like to help make a difference in a pet's life, donate today.

We thank our donors for improving the well-being of our animals, and contributing to their bright and healthy future.

The City has over $5 million in development charges earmarked for the new Animal Shelter, and over $670,000 in reserves and funds raised through the generosity of the community. Staff will also be exploring other revenue generating streams to help meet its target, including naming rights agreements and sponsorships. Ultimately, the funds will go towards the construction of a brand new, permanent animal shelter here in Pickering.

Staff are currently undertaking a site selection process and anticipate construction to begin in 2021, pending final Council budget approval.

Financial Donations

One Time Gift - your contribution will bring us one step closer to building our permanent animal shelter here in Pickering. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20. 

Donate NowDonations may now be made online or can be mailed or dropped off to one:

Pickering Animal Services
Clerk's Office, City of Pickering
One The Esplanade
Pickering, ON, L1V 6K7

History of Animal Sheltering in Pickering

Below is a brief outline of how Animal Sheltering in Pickering has evolved over time!

1985 to 2006:  The City of Pickering was part of service partnership agreement between the Municipality of Pickering, Ajax and Whitby to create P.A.W. Animal Services.  The Town of Whitby was responsible for animal enforcement and animal shelter services.

January 1, 2006: The City of Pickering decided to take full responsibility of Animal Services.  The City hired 1 Supervisor and 2 part time staff and began handling all functions of the service.  At that time, a temporary agreement was made with the Municipality of Clarington for all animals to be housed at their Municipal animal shelter, approximately 30 minutes away. After a year, it was decided that due to distance, it was time to make alternate arrangements.

July 2007 – October 2009: The City entered into a public-private agreement with a boarding kennel located in Toronto. The agreement stated that the Kennel would provide feed, care and housing for all Pickering Animals, while City staff would be responsible to staff the facility each evening, for residents to reclaim or adopt.

2011: The property was sold and purchased by a new owner. At that time it was determined that it would be more cost effective and provide better customer service to residents if the City took full ownership of running its own animal shelter.  An agreement was made to rent and retrofit a building in North Pickering to be the first ever Pickering run Animal Shelter. 

2019: The City entered into an agreement with the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. All stray cats and dogs found within their municipality are temporarily housed at the Pickering Animal Shelter and ones that are not claimed are assessed and placed into the City’s adoption program.

During the 2019 Capital Budget process, Council allocated money for the site selection for a new Pickering Animal Shelter. City staff are currently investigating potential sites for the new animal shelter and expect a decision on the site to be made by early 2020. Funds will be allocated in the 2020 Budget to commence the design for the new shelter with additional money for the construction to commence in 2021. 

Requirements for our New Animal Shelter

When designing our new shelter, The City of Pickering will be incorporating the Capacity for Care model. This model helps shelters better meet the needs of animals by creating conditions necessary to provide shelter animals with the 5 Freedoms, thereby improving the welfare of each animal, including its physical and mental state.

The 5 Freedoms include the following:

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain health and vigor
Freedom from Discomfort By providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
Freedom to express Normal Behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind
Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

Below are just a few of the criteria that staff are looking for in the new animal shelter facility:

  • Nursery for nursing moms or orphaned kittens
  • Separate room for small animals to be housed that allows them to get daily exercise
  • Group housing rooms for cats that allows them to socialize with one another in a warm and friendly environment
  • Real life room for dogs that simulates a dog living in a home setting – couch, chairs, etc.
  • An adoption interview room. This room will give potential adopters a meet their potential adoptee and well as have a chance to sit with staff in a safe environment
  • Education/Community room that will be utilized for public education programs.

cat play room  real life room for dogs  adoption interview room

What can I donate?

The shelter is always in need of many animal related items.  Below is a list of some of the items we commonly need:
  • kuranda beds - help one of our shelter dogs or cats sleep in comfort by donating a kuranda bed.
  • dog biscuits, denta bones and other treats
  • cat treats, cat nip
  • leashes, collars
  • brushes, combs, nail trimmers
  • dog and cat toys
  • scratching posts (cat tree or cardboard)
  • litter boxes
  • laundry detergent
  • towels, blankets and dog/cat beds (please no fitted bed sheets)
  • small animal bedding (not wood shavings)
  • small animal food (pellets, treats, hay)
  • small animal bowls, water bottles, hide boxes and other enrichment toys
  • and more...feel free to contact us if you have an item that you think would be of assistance to us

Recent Donors

September 2018

Paint NightAnimal Services received a $200 donation from attendees who participated in the first Paint Night Fundraiser held on September 26th at the George Ashe Community Centre. Everyone had a great time and the paintings turned out wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who participated and Samantha from Paint Date for helping organize this fun event.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in running your own paint night fundraiser.


Fairport Beach Neighbourhood BBQFor the second year in a row, the Fairport Beach Neighbourhood Association hosted a charity BBQ for Animal Services.  Thanks to the generous support of the community, local residents, the Pickering West Shore Community Association and Joe Fischer they raised $1,119 which will go to help build our new animal shelter. Thanks again for your support!

March 2018

Items donated to Animal Services

The City’s Animal Shelter, and its furry residents, were the recipients of a random act of kindness last week, after a local man dropped off $5,000 worth of donations. The generous individual, who has requested to remain anonymous, unloaded a truck full of animal supplies, which included food, toys, treats, and care items, on behalf of his animal-loving family. "We are beyond grateful for the warmth and generosity of this family," said Lindsey Narraway, Supervisor, Animal Services. "The gentleman expressed that he drives by our shelter on a daily basis, and simply wanted to give back, and provide for less fortunate animals." The donations will allow staff to provide socialization and enrichment activities for animals temporarily housed at the shelter, while waiting on their forever home.

December 2017

Tyler and Danielle with their festive cat house creations

Tyler and Danielle stopped into the Animal Shelter recently to drop off their awesome festive cat house creations. Thanks Tyler & Danielle, your donations are always greatly appreciated!

Thank you to the Fairport Beach Community Association for their generous donation from the community. This past September, the Community Association ran a charity BBQ to help raise funds to build our new animal shelter. We look forward to working with you again this coming year!

Animal Services would like to thank all of our supporters who have donated online this past year. So far this year we raised $2,500 in online donations alone! Thanks again to everyone who donated, we're now one step closer to building our new Animal Shelter.

Photo Gallery: Kuranda Beds will appear here on the public site.