Widening your driveway may become necessary to accommodate additional vehicles. As the property owner, you may be able to widen your driveway to the property line, subject to Municipal By-law compliance. A permit is required and a curb cut may be necessary to extend your driveway. Fees as outlined below will apply.


This is regulated by the Boulevard Maintenance By-law 6831/08.

Highlights - What You Need to Know…

  • all driveway widening will need to comply with the applicable City Zoning By-law and the requirements of the Boulevard Maintenance By-law
  • for specific details on property boundaries, by-law interpretation and individual driveway widening opportunities, please contact Engineering Services or Municipal Law Enforcement Services
  • the City's Boulevard Maintenance By-law 6831/08 regulates any changes made to the municipal boulevard.  The boulevard is the thin strip of land between the edge of the road and the adjacent frontage property line, typically being 5 to 6 metres in width
  • thought should be given to where people will enter or exit vehicles and where ice and snow will be placed so as not to impact neighbouring properties

Curb Cuts

The City of Pickering regulates curb cuts. Curb cuts are small ramps built into the curb to allow you to access your driveway when widened.

Fees as of January 1, 2024 to apply for a Driveway Widening Permit and Curb Cut

  • Driveway widening permit: $110.00 (plus HST) 
  • Curb cut fee: $52.50/meter, minimum charge is $352.00 (plus HST) 

The Summary of Fees and Charges (User Fees) is updated annually and is shared on the Budget web page.

For more information, please contact the Engineering Services Department at 905.420.4624.