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Residential Programs


Home Energy Conservation Program
Homeowners can earn thousands in available incentives through this program. Energy-saving improvements include attic insulation, air sealing, furnace replacements, and other qualifying upgrades for reducing energy costs.

Home Winterproofing Program
If you qualify for the Home Winterproofing Program, you could receive new insulation and draft proofing installed by experienced professionals, enjoy savings up to 30% of your energy use and lower your energy bills.

Affordable Housing Program
Investing in efficient equipment will help lower your building energy costs and improve resident comfort. You can receive up to $100,000 in incentives under the custom program when you undertake an energy retrofit to upgrade equipment and improve efficiency.

Smart Thermostat
One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is by installing a Smart Thermostat. It uses sensors and Wi-Fi technology to deliver comfort when you're home and savings when you're not. Enjoy handy features like automatic energy saving adjustments and maintenance alerts - such as when to change your furnace filter. When you purchase and install a qualifying Smart Thermostat, you're eligible to receive a $75 incentive. Please check eligibility requirements.

Save on Energy

Home Assistance Program
This program is designed to help qualified homeowners, tenants and social and/or assisted housing providers improve the energy-efficiency of their homes or buildings. Also, it includes a detailed in-home energy assessment, professional installation of energy-saving measures and advice on steps that can be taken to save even more energy. 

Canada Greener Homes Grant
Buildings, including our homes, account for 18% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Canada Greener Homes Grant wants to help Canadians make where they live more energy-efficient. Up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 in funding will be available to help homeowners make energy efficient retrofits to their homes, such as better insulation.

AffordAbility Fund
AffordAbility Fund 
The Government of Ontario established a $100 million AffordAbility Fund to assist electricity customers who do not qualify for low-income conservation programs. The AffordAbility Fund is funded by an independent trust set up by the Government of Ontario and offered to you by your local electric utility and community services. See what you are eligible for, sign up on line!
Ontario Energy Board

Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
The OEB Resource Centre offers tools, tips, publications and videos for organizations and consumers to help understand energy in Ontario. 


Car Heaven, Thermostat Recovery Program, Electric Vehicles Incentives 
Great programs to help you reduce energy and protect the environment.

Business Programs


Whether you’re looking to cut operating costs, purchase new heating equipment or create a more comfortable climate, Enbridge can help you find and fund smart ways to use less energy and save money. Watch our video to find out how.

Looking to save money and reduce carbon emissions?
Our Energy Solutions Consultants will work with you, free of charge, to identify energy efficiency opportunities that save natural gas and in return save you money. If you implement any of our recommendations, we will cover up to 50% of the project cost. 

Plans to renovate or replace any heating equipment?
Choose energy efficient natural gas equipment and you could qualify for financial incentives. 

Operating costs too high?
Through the Enbridge Gas RunitRight program, you can find low or no cost operational improvements that will reduce your energy usage and save you money. You can also earn up to $10,000 towards eligible costs. 

Save on Energy

Whether it's a lighting upgrade, motor and heating installations, or new control systems, incorporating energy efficiency into your operations delivers benefits that reach far beyond your energy bill. Veridian outlines the eligible measures that provide sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and/or electricity consumption.

Small Business Lights
The new Small Business Lighting program offers businesses in Ontario a simple solution for energy efficient lighting.  Investing in energy efficient lighting can improve in-store customer experiences, provide more attractive product displays, help employees more easily focus on tasks, and help you manage your operating costs.      

Ontario Energy Board
Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
The OEB Resource Centre offers tools, tips, publications and videos for organizations and consumers to help understand energy in Ontario. 

Green Audit for Places of Worship

Book an audit with Greening Sacred Spaces. The audit will cover topics such as air quality, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, daily operations and maintenance. You will then receive a comprehensive report on the findings, including recommendations on how to improve any issues and reference materials. 

Become an Eco-Business
The Ajax Pickering Board of Trade has taken several of its qualified members to form an Eco Business Advisory Committee. These volunteers researched and collaborated to create a checklist for businesses to use as a template to evaluate their role in doing all they can to sustain a cleaner environment.    

Pickering's Eco Kids

Activities about Energy Conservation

Scholastic Energy Conservation Program for Kids
Printable lessons and activities - all about saving energy. 

Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) Kids' Corner
Quizzes, online activities, and information on electricity production.