Programs and incentives are listed below for Residential and Business programs.

Residential Incentives

Program Name / Improvement




Affordable Green Retrofit Financing

Durham Region residents will be able to apply for financing for the following improvements through an EnerGuide Home Energy audit conducted by an NRCan certified home energy advisor.

Typical residential energy efficiency and renewable energy measures include, but are not limited to:

Air sealing;
Window replacement;
Heating and cooling equipment replacement;
Water heating upgrades;
Renewable energy systems (e.g. rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV),); and
Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

How will the process work?
Applicants will apply through the Durham Home Energy Retrofit Program Website

Homeowners will meet with a Durham Region Home Energy Coach, an assessment will be made and recommendations of upgrades will be made.

The Home Energy Coach will review contractor quotes and support the homeowner through the upgrade project.

With the approval of the Home Energy Coach, the homeowner will apply for financing at Pathwise.

If approved, money can be used to fund identified projects.

Durham Greener Homes

Canada Greener Homes Loan

Up to $40,000 (maximum); Up to $5,000 (minimum)

Offers interest-free financing to help homeowners complete the energy retrofits an energy advisor recommends.

Canada Greener Homes Loan

Durham Greener Homes - Deep Retrofit Rebate Up to $10,000 back for deep retrofits Incentives available for achieving deep retrofit milestones. Homeowners may receive an incentive by either reducing their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by a certain percent or obtaining a recognized certification in between pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations. Durham Greener Homes
Durham Greener Homes - Heat Pumps Up to $2,000 cash-back for heat pumps

New Heat Pump top-up rebates for income-eligible households are available to help more Durham residents afford heat pumps and enjoy energy efficiency. These top-ups are not stackable with Durham’s Deep Retrofit Rebate program.

Durham Greener Homes

Energy Affordability Program

Depending on eligibility and the existing equipment within your home, you may receive:

Energy-efficient refrigerator;
Window air conditioner;
ENERGY STAR® certified LED light bulbs;
Drying line for clothes;
Smart power strip;
High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld)*;
Faucet aerators (kitchen and bathroom)*;
Additional attic or basement insulation**;
Weatherstripping around doors and windows**;
Smart thermostat(s)**.

New: Cold climate air source heat pump**

*for homes with electric hot water heating
**for homes heated by electricity

The Energy Affordability Program provides support to income-eligible electricity consumers by helping them to better manage their monthly electricity costs and to increase their home comfort.

Save on Energy

Home Efficiency Rebate

Take your home’s efficiency to the next level. Enbridge is offering up to $5,000 in rebates for energy efficiency upgrades with the Home Efficiency Rebate. This amount includes $600 to offset the cost of both the initial and follow-up energy assessments.

Before installing any upgrades, contact an Enbridge Gas approved service organization to book an initial home energy assessment. They will send a registered energy advisor to assess your home and uncover energy-saving opportunities.

Enbridge Gas

Home Winterproofing Program

Free energy-efficient upgrades, including insulation, draft proofing and a smart thermostat

Enbridge Gas and Save on Energy have teamed up to offer energy-saving upgrades at no cost. If your home and household income levels qualify, you’ll be eligible for free insulation, draft proofing, a smart thermostat, Energy Star® appliances and more.

Enbridge Gas

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program

Up to $10,000

Helps homeowners who are currently heating their homes with oil to transition to electric cold climate air source heat pumps.

Government of Canada

Peak Perks

Receive a $75 virtual prepaid Mastercard® when you enroll in Peak Perks™. Also receive a $20 virtual prepaid Mastercard® each additional year you stay enrolled in the program.*

*Program participants who enrolled by September 30, 2024 will receive their $20 incentive for continued enrollment in 2025.

To be eligible to participate in Peak Perks, you must:

Be a residential electricity customer in Ontario* with central air conditioning that is controlled by your smart thermostat. Heat pumps that are part of central air conditioning are also eligible.
Have an eligible Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat installed in your home.
Not be participating in another residential demand response program in Ontario where your thermostat is automatically adjusted to help maintain reliability of the electricity grid.

Save on Energy

Smart Thermostats


Enbridge Gas residential customers who heat with a natural gas furnace or boiler can receive $75 off select smart thermostat model’s purchase price.

Enbridge Gas

Business Programs


Program Name / Incentive



Equipment Upgrades

Are you planning to buy natural gas equipment? Choose energy-efficient models and get fixed incentives for every unit you install.


New Construction

Enbridge's programs offer design expertise, energy modelling and financial incentives for building better than the Ontario Building Code.


Retrofits & Custom Projects

For energy-efficiency projects not covered by fixed equipment incentives, Enbridge will pay up to 50 percent of project costs.


Audits, Studies & Assessments

Get incentives to help cover the cost of identifying and measuring energy-saving opportunities in your building or facility.

Save on Energy

Instant Discounts Program

Receive upfront discounts from participating distributors on the purchase of energy-efficient lighting products that will help to lower your business’s energy consumption, improve your bottom line and transform your space.

Save on Energy

Existing Building Commissioning Program

Save on Energy’s Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) program is designed to help owners, operators and managers of commercial and institutional buildings in Ontario improve their energy management. Implementing building management best practices can help reduce energy waste, enhance occupant comfort, and increase profitability.

Save on Energy

Strategic Energy Management Program

Save on Energy’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program is a transformational new program, designed to help organizations improve their energy performance by implementing an integrated system of organizational practices, policies and processes to achieve persistent energy savings.

Save on Energy

Retrofit Program

Upgrade your equipment and improve your operations with the help of the Retrofit program.

Save on Energy

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

The IESO’s Save on Energy Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (IEEP) supports customers across Ontario in improving their industrial processes and implementing system optimization projects. The program offers organizations up to $5 million in financial incentives for each large, industrial energy-efficiency project accepted into the program. Eligible projects will deliver electricity savings using proven commercial technologies to lower energy consumption and reduce electricity bills.

Save on Energy

Energy Performance Program

The program is based on a pay-for-performance model that encourages whole building energy performance improvements.

Save on Energy

Small Business Program

The Save on Energy Small Business program is designed to help small businesses across Ontario, with 50 or fewer employees, make equipment improvements to reduce their energy consumption at no cost. The program offers small business owners direct-install incentives on a range of equipment, both lighting and non-lighting, with the objective of helping small businesses become more energy-efficient to enhance customer experience and employee satisfaction, while helping support the bottom line.

Save on Energy

Foodservice Distributor Discount Program

Instant discounts on your purchase of eligible energy-efficient commercial food service equipment.