The Fence By-law outlines maximum fence heights and minimum standards for swimming pool enclosures. It also establishes regulations for privacy screens and ornamental ponds.

The standards set out for Swimming pool enclosures are intended to prevent the entry of small children and the general public when the pool is not supervised.


This is regulated by By-law 6943/09.

Highlights - What You Need to Know

  • the maximum fence height for a rear or side yard is 2 m, (6'6")
  • the maximum fence height for a front yard fence of solid construction (sightlines obstructed) is 1 m
  • an open construction fence (clearly visible through) may be a maximum of 1.5 m in height
  • privacy screens are permitted in side or rear yards only. The setback requirement is 0.6 m from any property line. The maximum height of a privacy screen is 2.6 m, and the maximum length permitted is 8 m
  • fences must be maintained in a state of good repair and free from graffiti
  • the exemption process ensures adjoining property owners are aware of the application for exemption
  • a Property Review Committee will review applications for exemptions based on set criteria

Apply for an Exemption from the Fence By-law

Property owners can apply for an exemption from the Fence By-law where the exemption is considered to be reasonable and not contravene the purpose and intent of the By-law.