Fire Prevention Week is October 3 - 9

The purpose of Fire Prevention week is to raise fire safety awareness, and help to ensure your home and family has a plan and is ready for the unexpected.

This year’s campaign, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” works to educate everyone about the different sounds the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make. Knowing what to do when an alarm sounds will keep you and your family safe. When an alarm makes noises – a beeping sound or a chirping sound – you must take action.

Hear a Chirp, Make a Change! A chirping alarm means the battery, or the entire alarm, must be changed.

When You Hear Beep, Beep, Beep, Get on Your Feet! Get out and stay out. Call 9-1-1 from your safe meeting place. Don’t ever re-enter a burning building once you are outside.

Additional safety information for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is offered in this PDF file, and is also available on the NFPA website.

Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

Visit and Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

Fire Prevention Week

Activity Sheets

Visit the Fire Prevention Week website for more activity sheets.

Smoke Alarm Calendar

Sparky Smoke Alarm Calendar

Smoke Alarm Trace

Sparky - Smoke Alarm Trace

Scavenger Hunt

Pickering Fire Services is hosting a Scavenger Hunt for Fire Prevention Week! Residents are encouraged to participate and find the smoke alarm sound!

Date: October 3 – October 9

Location: Esplanade Park (behind City Hall)

Those interested in participating can swing by Esplanade Park anytime between October 3 - October 9 to search for the 6 #FirePreventionCards. Each card includes fire safety messaging and a QR Code, which you can scan on your phone to hear the sounds.

Each Fire Prevention Card contains a different sound and is numbered. Once you hear the correct fire safety sound (the beep, beep, beep noise), it is important to remember which card number you heard it on as you will need it later to be entered into a draw for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

Once you’ve completed the Scavenger Hunt, you can complete the form here for your chance to win!

Here is Card #1 to get you started on the Scavenger Hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Card Number One

Pickering Fire Services takes great pride in ensuring the safety of our community. The Fire Prevention Section is overseen by the Deputy Chief, Administration and provides direction to the Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Fire Prevention Officer, and Fire Inspectors.

Our goal is to educate residents on the probability of fires happening, common causes of fire in our community and empower them to take action to protect their family from fire. Informing the public on prevention measures is a critical component in keeping our residents and their property safe from fire.

Every October, we participate in the Office of the Fire Marshal's Fire Prevention Week Events. Each year, hundreds of people come out to the events where they can speak with Fire Prevention staff about fire safety at various locations throughout the City.

The following services are provided by the Fire Prevention Section: