Pickering Fire Services takes great pride in preventing and protecting the community from fire, life-threatening emergencies and dangerous conditions.

Fire Suppression (Operations) Section is overseen by the Deputy Chief, Suppression and is made up of four separate platoons. Each platoon is under the direction of a Platoon Chief, who is responsible for supervising a team of Captains and Firefighters.

Fire Suppression is the largest component of the Pickering Fire Services team. The men and women in suppression are responsible for providing 24 hour response to various emergencies.

Services provided by the Fire Suppression (Operations) Section

  • fire suppression in both offensive and defensive modes as fire conditions permit
  • search and rescue operations within structures involved in fire or other emergencies as conditions permit
  • forcible entry
  • ventilation of contaminated buildings
  • salvage and overhaul operations to minimize fire damage, expose hidden fire and confirm the extinguishment of all fire
  • emergency pre-hospital care responses including medical acts such as defibrillation, standard first aid and CPR
  • confined space rescue, trench rescue, hazardous materials response and terrorism response are provided at the basic awareness level
  • land based ice/water rescue and high angle rescue are provided at the rescuer level
  • extrication services at motor vehicle and industrial incidents requiring the use of heavy hydraulic, air powered and hand operated extrication tools
  • automatic aid and mutual aid incidents as requested and required