What can you do to help?

1. Do not feed the birds.

Wildlife experts note that bread and other human foods are a health risk to birds:

  • hand feeding causes birds to concentrate in one location resulting in decreased water quality due to accumulated feces and feather droppings
  • bread is low in nutrients and difficult to digest
  • bread swells and causes birds to feel full, making them less likely to search for their natural foods, which contain proper nutritional value
  • birds can get respiratory infections caused by mould from decaying bread
  • birds that should migrate will not if they find sufficient food here; this may result in birds freezing during the winter months

2. Do not mow to the edge of the water.

Mowing the lawn right to the waters edge provides an attractive opportunity for geese.  Modify your lawn care practices to allow for longer grasses along the waters edge.  Consider planting native shrubs and tall grasses along the shoreline.

3. Learn more.

Visit the Government of Canada website for a list of frequently asked questions.