After a snow fall, residents have 24 hours to remove all snow and ice from any sidewalks bordering their property. Failure to do so can result in the City removing the ice and snow from the sidewalk at the property owner's expense, with a 25% administration fee added to the cost.

Any concerns with respect to ice and snow on a sidewalk or footpath should be directed to our Customer Care Centre.


The City's Ice & Snow Clearing By-law 6650/06 outlines any ice and snow removal requirements for residents.

Highlights - What You Need to Know

  • every owner of a building or vacant land, whether occupied or unoccupied, is responsible for clearing any sidewalks abutting the building or land of ice and snow within 24 hours after the accumulation of the ice and/or snow
  • snow, ice or slush cannot be deposited onto a City street or highway
  • snow, ice or slush cannot be removed from a sidewalk in any manner that may damage the sidewalk or curb
  • snow, ice or slush cannot be deposited in any manner which obstructs the visibility or access to a fire hydrant