Replace your old lawn mower
The Mow Down Pollution program encourages people to replace their old two and four-stroke gas-powered lawn and garden equipment with cleaner alternatives. This national event runs at The Home Depot locations across Canada.

Deter Canada Geese from Your Property
Until recent years, the sight of a flock of Canada Geese carving a V in the spring sky was a welcome one for everyone. But geese that breed in southern Ontario have become unwelcome residents of some lakeside properties. Find out what you can do to help deter geese from your property.

Know Your Plants green lawn front
Invasive species are a significant threat to biodiversity. Gardening is one way that invasive plants are spread. The Grow Me Instead guide was created to help gardeners choose beautiful, non-invasive plants that won't invade natural areas.

Grow a Healthy Yard
Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) coordinates a Healthy Yards Program to give residents the inspiration, information and tools required to create naturally beautiful lawns and gardens. Visit their website for information on upcoming workshops or find links to their many fact sheets below.

Be a Good Neighbour with Nature
To live near a natural area is a privilege and a joy, but with this privilege comes responsibility. This TRCA fact sheet explains the activities that you can do, and should not do, to protect the land's ecological integrity.

Use Insects to your Advantage
Only a few of the world's 750,000 known insects are worthy of the label "pest". Most are harmless, and some are benefi­cial. This TRCA fact sheet describes the insects that provide benefits to your lawn and garden.

Create a Bird Garden
Gardening and bird-watching are popular past-times in Canada. Gardening for birds is the perfect way to blend these activities and contribute to a healthy environment. This TRCA fact sheet will help you create a garden that provides birds with the essentials of life, and your family with backyard bird-watching fun.

Make Your Garden Butterfly Friendly
Gardens with many different native plants provide a safe home for butterflies to lay eggs and develop. This TRCA factsheet has tips to make your garden butterfly-friendly.

Practice Organic Lawn Care
The lawn is the most prominent landscape in residential areas across Canada. Many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars a year on lawn related products and services. This TRCA factsheet provides the steps to create a beautiful, healthy lawn that is safe for all living things and good for your wallet too.

Learn how to re-establish native plant communities in gardens. This practice models nearby natural areas in design and species selection, resulting in low-input, wildlife-supporting landscapes that reflect our natural heritage.

Looking to purchase a rain barrel?

Check out this website to see a list of rain barrel fundraising sale events