Have you licensed your pet yet?

The City of Pickering requires that all dogs and cats be licensed on an annual basis. By licensing your pet you increase their chance of being reunited with you should they ever get lost.

Watch our video to learn The importance of microchipping your pet.

How to Purchase License Tags

  • Online: Visit pickering.ca/pettags and see how easy it is to licence your pet online!
  • In person: Monday to Friday (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) from the Clerk's Office at Pickering City Hall (One The Esplanade).
  • Veterinary Clinics and Pet Stores License tags can also be purchased from any of the following locations below:
Pickering Village Pet Hospital
41 Church St
Tel. 905.683.5711
Rosebank Animal Hospital
1414 Rosebank Road
Tel. 905.839.1822
Sheridan Veterinary Services
1398 Kingston Road
Tel. 905.831.1131
Pickering Animal Hospital
2460 Brock Rd
Tel. 905.239.2734
Claremont Veterinary Services
2005 Concession Road 5
Tel. 905.649.1993
Millennium City Veterinary Hospital
1866 Liverpool Road
Tel. 905.420.9555
Global Pet Foods
1822 Whites Road, Unit 5
Tel. 905.831.4554 
Pet Valu
705 Kingston Road
Tel. 905.492.7381

1899 Brock Rd, Unit 4
Pickering, ON
L1V 4H7
Tel. 905.426.7593


 Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees  are valid for one year from the date of purchase
Unsterilized Dog/Cat  $50.00
Unsterilized Dog/Cat Microchipped*  $40.00
Sterilized Dog/Cat*  $25.00
Sterilized/Microchipped*  $20.00
Replacement Tag  $  5.00

*Must provide proof in order to qualify for discount. 

Please note that the licence fee is waived for service animals however proof must be provided.

Fees effective June 1, 2016