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The City’s Nuisance Bylaw 7773/20 allows Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Durham Regional Police to take enforcement action against many activities. This by-law will allow an Officer to order a nuisance activity to stop and allows for people to be directed to leave a place.

The following is an overview of prohibited activities.

No person shall cause, permit or allow the following nuisance activities:

a) urination or defecation or spitting in a public place;
b) vomiting by reason of being intoxicated in a public place;
c) being intoxicated in a public place;
d) fighting in a public place;
e) remaining in a public place after being directed to leave;
f) destruction of private or public property;
g) littering on public or private property;
h) carry liquor in a public place without the benefit of an AGCO licence;
i) create a disturbance by yelling or swearing;
j) solicitation in a manner that obstructs traffic or causes a disturbance;
k) activity that is disorderly or obnoxious.

No person shall knock over, attempt to knock over or otherwise attempt to damage a fixture. No person shall alter or deface a fixture.

No owner shall permit or allow the discharging of any water, from swimming pools, hot tubs, wading pools or ornamental ponds to drain or migrate onto adjacent property, other than a municipal storm sewer.

No owner shall permit or allow any sump pump to be discharged directly onto any neighbouring property.

No person shall deposit or cause or permit to be deposited any liquids (other than storm water) or materials into a municipal storm sewer.

No person, or vehicle owner, shall throw, place or deposit or cause or permit to be thrown, placed or deposited any refuse on any property without permission from the owner or occupant of such property.

Amendments made in 2023 can be viewed in Report BYL 05-23.