Play equipment left unattended on streets can be confiscated by the City. Items like basketball and hockey nets, and skateboard ramps should be removed from any boulevard or road when not in use as it can pose a safety hazard.


This is regulated under the City of Pickering Traffic & Parking By-law 6604/05 and the City of Pickering Boulevard By-law 6831/08.

Highlights - What You Need to Know

  • A Removal Notice will be attached to the play equipment, giving 24 hours to remove.
  • If the object is not removed, the City will impound it at a secure site for 30 days. Owners have 30 days to reclaim the object at a cost of $115.00.
  • Failure to recover the obstruction after 30 days will result in the City taking ownership of it and disposing of it in any manner the City deems appropriate.
  • Contact the Customer Care Centre to reclaim belongings.