On-Street Parking

From December 1st to March 31st parking is prohibited on all streets between 2 am and 5 am, and during any winter control operations in accordance with Traffic & Parking By-law 6604/05. Vehicles parked on the road during snow clearing operations are subject to being ticketed and/or towed (at the owner's expense). 

During snow clearing operations, it is important that snow windrows are pushed back as far against the curb as possible to maintain at least a 5 metre width on all roads. Parked cars not only slow operations, but generate a lot of cleanup after the snow has stopped, as the remaining windrow after the car has moved needs to be addressed.


It is the resident's responsibility to clear the snow left by the plow at the end of their driveway (known as a windrow). Residents are required to shovel the snow from the windrow onto their boulevards and not back onto the road. Property owners could be subject to a fine under the Ice and Snow Clearing By-law 6650/06 for placing snow on the road or sidewalk.

Operators do their best to minimize windrows and we understand how frustrating this can be for our residents who have just cleared their driveway, but unfortunately it is unavoidable and we appreciate your understanding. By using the Interactive Winter Operations Map, you will see when the roads have been plowed to start clearing your driveway. If you have to clear your driveway before the plows arrive, shovel the snow to the downstream side of your driveway in order to minimize the amount of snow that will be pushed back in. 

Bus Shelters and Super Mailboxes

Bus shelters are cleared by a contractor on behalf of Durham Region Transit. Issues relating to the clearing of bus shelters can be reported through the Customer Comment Form on the Durham Region Transit website.

Snow clearing operations on the roadside and boulevard surrounding super mailbox sites during the winter months is completed by Canada Post. A service request for snow clearance can be submitted through their website, or by calling 1.844.454.3009.

Intersection Cameras

Visit the Region of Durham Traffic Watch for intersection and highway cameras, road works, and more.

Ontario 511 App

For traveller information, visit https://511on.ca