Property Tax Bill

The 2024 Final Property Tax Bill is due June 26, 2024

If you have not received your Tax Notice, please contact 905.420.4614 or email

Payments can be made through online banking, telephone banking, in-person banking, or by debit or cheque at City Hall.

Property taxes are the City of Pickering's main source of revenue in providing day to day services and programs to its residents. The tax rate reflects a percentage of the assessed value of your property.

A general rule of thumb for calculating property tax is to multiply your assessed value (or purchase price if recent) by the current tax rate. For example, if you paid $500,000 for your house, your taxes would be: $500,000 x 2024 Residential Tax Rate (0.01223903) = $6,119.52


Go paperless! You can now receive your Property Tax Bill electronically, and eliminate paper bills. There is no requirement to sign up for this service. Contact the tax department for information, or open the forms section below and complete the eBilling Enrolment form.

2024 Tax Due Dates

The 2024 Final bills are due in 2 instalments: June 26, 2024 and September 26, 2024

Where do your tax dollars go?

Your residential tax bill is split up into 3 main components.

Property Tax Pie Chart: 12.5% Boards of Education; 30.7% City of Pickering; 56.8% Region of Durham

 Property tax dollars fund various programs and services including:

  1. City:
    Fire, recreation programs, libraries, road maintenance, parks, street lights and storm sewers.
  2. Education:
    The education tax rate is established by the Province. The local school boards are responsible for determining how school taxes are spent.
  3. Region:
    Police, maintenance of major roads, transit, waste management, social assistance, child care, social housing, homes for the aged, public health and ambulance.

Try our online calculator to find out the cost of City services based on your property tax bill.

Property Tax Certificates

The City will fax your property tax certificate to your office within 1 business day from request, for a fee of $92.75 per roll number. The original copy will follow by mail.  If you wish to receive the tax certificate within the regular 5-7 business days, the standard $77.25 fee applies per roll number.

Please note that we do not provide verbal tax information.

Please send your request (include the full legal description) with an attached cheque to the following address:

The City of Pickering
Tax Section
One The Esplanade
Pickering, ON L1V 6K7

Property Tax Forms

Form Name

Form Number

Online Form

eBilling Enrolment/Change FIN 1702 11/16 Online Form

eBilling Cancellation

FIN 1703 11/16

Online Form

Consent Form to Disclose Personal Information

FIN 1201 03/30

Online Form

Mailing Address Change Form

FIN 1203 03/30

Online Form

Notice of Change of Ownership

FIN 1204 03/30

Online Form

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment - Authorization

FIN 1208-03/30

Online Form

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment - Banking Information Change 

FIN 1205-03/30

Online Form

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment - Cancellation

FIN 1206-03/30

Online Form 

Low Income Seniors and Low Income Persons with Disabilities Tax Grant Application

FIN 1701-04/12

Online Form

Tax Deferral (Low Income Seniors and/or Persons with Disabilities)

FIN 1202-03/30

Online Form

Tax Payments Made in Error

FIN 2201-06/08

Online Form

Property Tax Rates and Capping Factors

Property Tax Sales

The sale of land for tax arrears by public tender is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001, along with Ontario Regulation 181/03 (Municipal Tax Sale Rules). A municipality may recover unpaid property taxes through the sale of a property. The City of Pickering may register a Tax Arrears Certificate if any portion of property taxes remains unpaid for two or more years prior to January 1st of any year.

The registration of a Tax Arrears Certificate indicates that the property will be sold if taxes, penalties, interest and reasonable costs incurred by the City (the cancellation price) are not paid within one year of registration of the certificate.  Once a Tax Arrears Certificate has been registered, partial payments cannot be accepted.

If the cancellation price has not been paid in full within one year of registration of the certificate, the municipality will advertise the property for sale in the local paper for four consecutive weeks, as well as in the Ontario Gazette, and on the City's website.

All tax sale properties are sold by public tender in 'as is' condition without warranty, and the City makes no representation regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the lands to be sold.

There are currently no properties listed for sale.

If you have further questions, you can reach the property tax section by email or by telephone 905.420.4614