It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain the municipal boulevard.

The City regulates the types of plantings you may add to the boulevard and prohibits certain installations or add-ons that might create a hazard.

What does the boulevard include?

The portion of your property nearest the street is municipal property and is known as a boulevard. This area is the entrance point for many municipal services onto your lot and is strictly regulated as it may need to be accessed at any time to repair or improve services.


This is governed by the Boulevard Maintenance By-law 6831/08

Highlights - What You Need to Know

  • Grass and weeds can not exceed 15 centimetres in length
  • No plantings are permitted within 0.6 meters of a sidewalk, within 1.8 meters of the curb where no sidewalks exist or within 1.5 meters of the top of the bank of a roadside ditch
  • No plantings shall exceed 1.0 meters above the grade of the boulevard
  • No plantings are permitted in a location which causes a traffic safety issue or in a location which impedes or blocks a sidewalk
  • No rocks, bricks, concrete slabs or anything protruding, sharp or dangerous is permitted on a boulevard
  • No light fixtures, pillars, signage or similar objects are permitted on a boulevard
  • No fences are to be erected on a boulevard
  • No person shall alter a boulevard by adding or maintaining any hard surface material (such as a widened driveway) without prior approval from the City.  Contact the Customer Care Centre to submit your request to widen the boulevard portion of a driveway.
  • Any requests for the City to maintain or remove trees planted by or on behalf of the City can be directed to our Customer Care Centre.