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Pickering Priority Focus

1. Improve Community Vitality
2. Strengthen Learning, Education, Partnership, and Creative Communities
3. Create Safe and Welcoming Neighbourhoods
4. Increase Physical Health and Mental Wellness
5. Improve Living Standards
6. Support Basic Needs
7. Promote EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Accessibility, and Reconciliation


Durham Regional Priority Risk Factors

1. Mental Health
2. Substance Use
3. Homelessness and Basic Needs
4. Criminal Involvement
5. Victimization
6. Social Isolation
7. Experiences of Racism

Durham Region CSWB Hub

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Actions & Outcomes

Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan

This plan is a guide to growing the community in a manner that supports individual safety and builds on the sense of community found throughout Pickering. The plan addresses needs, identified by municipal staff, stakeholders, and residents, that currently exist and is adaptable to address new concerns as they arise.

CSWB Plan 2024-2029

 CSWB Actions & Outcomes

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Engagement Opportunities

Let's Talk Pickering...

The City's community engagement platform is where members of the community are invited and encouraged to participate in online opportunities; share experiences, and insights on our community.

Visit letstalkpickering.ca/cswb

Current Opportunities

I Feel Safe Here - community map