Pickering Animal Services recognizes that a deep connection with pets transcends socio-economic, racial and geographic boundaries and that no one should be denied the opportunity to experience the benefits and joy that come from the human-animal bond. 

The Community Pet Support Services Program consists of 4 major components all with a goal to help keep the people and pets of Pickering together.

Community Pet Pantry for Pet Food and Pet Supplies

Pickering Animal Services is supporting the idea to help keep families and pets together. The Community Pet Pantry is open to anyone in the City of Pickering who is currently struggling to provide food and pet supplies for their pet. 

Community Pet Pantry Pick up Locations 

To book an appointment to pick up Pet Pantry Supplies, please contact the Pickering Animal Shelter. 

Interested residents are also encouraged to contact one of our partnering agencies directly who will help facilitate the process to ensure that no pet or person goes hungry.    

Should transportation to one of the above locations be an issue, please contact Lindsey Narraway at 905.420.4660 X3501 and alternate arrangements may be made. 

Looking to drop new or used food/supplies?

New or used pet donations are always accepted and may be dropped off at City Hallas well as the Animal Shelter. 

Safe Pets Victim Support

Pickering Animal Services is happy announce that we have collaborated with SafePet Ontario and Victim Services of Durham Region to help both people and their pets when fleeing violent situations. Watch the recorded information session.

Did you know that 89% of pets involved in situations of domestic or intimate partner violence are also abused. Unfortunately, many human shelters or transitional homes are unable to house animals, which prevents many victims from seeking safety. SafePet Ontario coordinates foster care for pets of individuals fleeing violent situations. The program helps survivors seek safety while ensuring their pet receives proper care until they’re stabilized, safe and can reunite. 

If needed, Pickering Animal Services will temporary house your pet until a foster home becomes available. This service is open to anyone within Durham Region. Please note, animals accepted into the program must have owners working with SafePets Ontario or one of their a referral agencies.

Assisting Victims in Durham Region is a Community Initiative and is made available with the help of the following Agencies:

Accessible Veterinary Care

City of Pickering Sterilization Program

We have teamed up with veterinarians within Durham Region to offer a low cost spay-neuter assistance program for cats (DR SNAP) here in Pickering.

In order to qualify for the program you must be a Durham Region resident and must be receiving assistance from one of the following government programs:

  • Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement for Seniors (GIS)
  • Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP)
  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Payment (CPP Disability)
  • Ontario Works Program

If you qualify for the program you will be given a sterilization voucher that allows you to have your pet sterilized at a participating veterinarian at a reduced rate. Some veterinarian clinics may require additional vaccines or treatments prior to surgery. Please ask your veterinarian prior to receiving a voucher.

The program is currently only available for cats however, we hope to include other animals and veterinary services in the near future.

For more information on how to receive a voucher, email the Customer Care Centre or call at 905.683.7575 for more information.


Spay Neuter Initiatives Association

Officially launched in Spring 2024, Spay Neuter Initiatives Association is a non-profit organization, dedicated to addressing the issue of overpopulation of cats and dogs in Durham Region. The program is not free however it is subsidized for lower income residents and provides services for both dogs and cats.  Visit snipanimalclinic.ca for further information.


Low Cost Rabies and Microchip Clinics

Check back for future clinics

Petcademy - Free Online Behavioural Support for Pet Owners 

We partnered with Petcademy to provide one on one support for our residents in hopes that we can keep people and their pets together.  We realize that every dog and cat is different and sometimes pose great challenges which result in owners looking for advice or sometimes considering surrendering their pet. Animal Services is proud to be able to offer interested residents a free online 30-day behavioural suppport program.  Residents must have a cell phone and email address. 

For more information on how to sign up, call 905.427.0093 to speak to one of our staff.