Whitevale Master Drainage Plan Implementation Project
Whitevale Road and North Road Improvements

The City of Pickering’s engineering team has been working with our consultant (AECOM) on a proposed design for the Whitevale Master Drainage Plan Implementation Project. 

The Municipal Class EA study is being conducted in accordance with the process under the Municipal Engineers Association's, Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) completed in 2013.

The project is quite large and includes; road resurfacing and road reconstruction (excavation, new granular road base and road asphalt), utility relocations, stormwater flow diversion work complete with a new storm sewer system, sidewalk installation, retaining walls in some areas, complete with boulevard and driveway restoration as required. 

1. Study Area

  • The Study Area consists of the Hamlet of Whitevale
  • Located within the valley of West Duffins Creek on Whitevale Road in the City of Pickering
  • Designated as a Heritage Conservation District
  • Total area of approximately 37 ha
  • Existing conditions peak flow and capacity assessment also considered the catchment areas that contribute to the West Duffins Creek within the Study Area

Study Area Map

2. Issues to address

  • Reduce the occurrence of flooding
  • Mitigate erosion along roadways
  • Minimize future maintenance requirement
  • Enhance the quality of surface runoff discharging into the West Duffins Creek
  • Improve overall public safety

3. Proposed Changes

 i.  Whitevale Road – East of West Duffins Creek

  • Selected Alternative No.2 – Rural Reconstruction
  • Replace existing road with new paved rural cross section and grass ditches (similar to current road width), adjust road profile to establish proper drainage and minimize flooding of adjacent properties, construct a new storm sewer and properly spaced dich inlets / catchbasins to prevent surface flooding and erosion. 

ii.  Local Residential Roads

  • Selected Alternative No.2 – Local Road Improvements
  • Maintain existing unpaved rural cross section, carry out local grading works (i.e. profile, road crown, ditches, driveway culverts, etc.) and undertake regular maintenance, including use of organic topical sealant in order to re-establish proper drainage and minimize surface flooding / erosion to adjacent properties.

iii.  Intermittent Drainage Feature

  • Selected Alternative No.5 – Storm Flow Diversion to Whitevale Road Storm Sewer
  • Regrade roadside ditch on east side of North Road to accommodate infrequent storm flows from north catchment area, construct new storm inlet to Whitevale Road storm sewer and over-size proposed Whitevle Road storm sewer to accommodate additional flood flows from North Road, restore culvert crossing at North Road to direct low flows to existing drainage feature.

4. Project Schedule

Timeline: Project History and Overview

Graphic shows Project History and Overview:

  • 2008 - Flooding along streets and erosion of the approaches to the existing bridge crossing over the West Duffins Creek
  • 2013 - Whitevale Master Drainage Plan (MDP) - Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Completed
  • 2016 - Construction of New Bridge crossing West Duffins Creek
  • 2018 - Detailed Design for Whitevale and North Road Improvements Project Awarded to AECOM
  • 2021 - After Public Consultation, Pre-Engineering to start

5. Next Steps

To obtain any of the information listed below, please email your request to Engineering Services.

Contact Information

Nicole Brewster
Whitevale and District Residents’ Association (WDRA)
Cell: 416 818 1393

Scott Booker
Manager, Capital Projects & Infrastructure
Engineering Services Department
City of Pickering
Tel: 905.420.4660 ext. 2074

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (completed)

The City of Pickering has completed the Drainage Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to address the drainage system deficiencies which are contributing to localized surface flooding and erosion within the Hamlet of Whitevale (refer to Study Area shown on the Key Map below).

The study was conducted in accordance with the Master Plan process as outlined in the Municipal Engineers Association's Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, as amended in 2007 and 2011).

View the Notice of Study Completion

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report - email Engineering Services to request a copy of any of this file

Location map of Whitevale Study Area