Planning Pickering’s 2023 Budget: The City invites residents to learn more.

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Understanding Budgets

The approved 2023 User Fees and prior years approved Budget documents, including 2022 are linked below.

What is the Capital Budget?
The capital budget is used for long term investments like infrastructure and facilities, that are paid off over time. This includes projects related to roads, bridges and sidewalks, vehicles and equipment, streetlights, playgrounds and trails. It includes new infrastructure projects as well as the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.
What is the Current Budget?

The Current Budget, also known as an Operating Budget, covers the day-to-day expenses required to deliver services to residents. These costs can return year-after-year and include services such as roads, parks, and sport field maintenance, staffing and utilities for City facilities like libraries and community centres, and fire services. Most of the funds for the current budget are raised through property taxes and the remainder comes from a variety of sources like user and permit fees and licences. This budget is prepared by each Municipal department and reflects that area of responsibility.

2023 Approved Budget Documents

2022 Approved Budget Documents

2021 Approved Budget Documents

Prior year budget documents are available through Corporate Records - Laserfiche.