Pickering's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by City Council and is responsible for providing administrative leadership for the City.

As the key point of contact between council, community and staff, the CAO is responsible for ensuring that Council directives are coordinated between departments and that the City's corporate priorities are achieved.

CAO Tony Prevedel

Tony Prevedel, CAOPickering is achieving great things. We are witnessing what we once thought of as truly ambitious dreams, grow into magnificent realities.

I am proud of the wonderful City that our community and staff have worked so hard to preserve and nurture. This unfaltering commitment has inspired achievements and accomplishments which secure Pickering as a great place to live, work and play for our generation and for many more to come.

It is this strong relationship between the community and city staff which has enabled us to move forward and blossom as a City, as the greatest values are realized when we work together. Community leadership and participation is crucial in ensuring Pickering continues to build upon its successful foundation.

Community engagement is only one of five Corporate Priorities introduced in 2011 to provide direction for the coming years. This is our plan for the future, therefore it is important that city staff collectively take ownership of them so that we can focus our efforts and align our goals, objectives and budget planning. This plan will help strengthen not only our relationship within the greater community, but internally amongst our own departments.

In moving forward with Pickering's bright and inspiring future it is paramount that we recruit and retain the quality individuals who best reflect our collective vision. We empower employees to maximize their full potential and foster continuous learning and sharing of our insights and ideas. It is within this type of corporate culture that breakthrough ideas are born and we go beyond the confines of traditional thinking.

With a vibrant, ever changing community, it is key that we embrace new and innovative ways of doing business. Whether that relates to our corporate priorities of Sustainable Placemaking, Financial Management, or Corporate Best Practices, we consistently strive to meet our community's evolving needs.

As we learn together, work together and inspire one another we will continue to make great things happen for this City.

Please share any comments, questions or concerns through our Customer Care Feedback form.

One Team. One Vision. Infinite Possibilities.

Tony Prevedel
Chief Administrative Officer